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Florida woman files lawsuit for employment contract breach

When a potential employee reads over a contract for employment, they typically expect what is outlined in the contract to be upheld. In some cases, however, a breach of an employment contract can take place. If such a disagreement arises, legal action may need to be taken to ensure that the agreed upon terms are upheld or that some sort of compensation is allowed to make up for any losses that an individual may sustain as a part of the contract no longer being considered valid.

Florida school board accused of employment contract breach

Business contracts are often made in order for all parties involved to understand what they are agreeing to and who will have what part in the services that may be rendered. However, even if one side believes that a contract is in place, there are still issues that can arise if one party believes that the contact was not binding or that the terms were not fully agreed to. If a significant issue comes up regarding an employment contract, companies could find themselves dealing with a serious legal situation.

Employment contract breach in Florida sparks lawsuit

When a potential employer creates a contract for a project, that contract typically signals that the person employed by that agreement can begin to make preparations for the project, depending on specific terms. These preparations could include purchasing materials, hiring workers or other costly endeavors. Should one party choose to no longer go through with the project, it could cause a significant issue for the other parties involved. If additional agreements cannot be made, there may be cause to file a claim for a breach of employment contract.


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