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A claim could prove beneficial after Florida wrongful termination

Being hired to a position can bring about a sense of relief and excitement as you prepare to start a new career journey. Unfortunately, losing a job can have just the opposite effect as you may begin to worry about how you will support yourself and your family. It is important in any situation to understand why you may have been let go from your job, and if you suspect wrongful termination, you may wish to consider the potentially beneficial avenue of seeking legal action.

Dispute over employment contract involves Florida teachers

When terms of an employment contract come under question, it is important for those questions to be answered and any problems to be resolved. It they are not taken care of in a timely manner, a contract dispute could cause significant issues for employers and employees alike. An employment contract helps each party understand what is expected, and when those terms are not clear, disagreements can arise.

Employment contract for Florida workers causes union concerns

Unions are often joined by employees in order to have some sort of backing that will help them maintain an agreeable work environment. Companies will often create an employment contract with their employees, and if those contracts are breached or modified in a way that could negatively impact employees, a union may step in to negotiate terms. If negotiations do not occur in an agreeable fashion, legal action could take place.

Florida House seeks to reduce unemployment benefits to workforce

Though not specifically a matter of employment law, an issue of great interest to the Florida workforce is currently making its' way through the state legislature. Last month, the Florida House of Representatives took steps to diminish the rights of workers, make our state one of the least advantageous places in the nation to lose your job.The bill that passed through the House in March aims to cut the standard number of weeks a person is eligible to receive unemployment benefits from 26 weeks to 20. This reduction of six weeks represents a notable deviation from the standard 26 weeks employed by a majority of states in the nation. This proposed reduction is an interesting move for Florida, as our state is already known to offer very little by way of employee benefits in comparison with other states.


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