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Red Robin accused of a woman's wrongful termination

Restaurant chains require large numbers of employees in order to serve their customers. Decisions about hiring these employees should never be made based on discriminating factors, and those responsible for making those decisions are required to abide by the law. However, sometimes the situation can be reversed, and Florida employees may receive a wrongful termination for abiding by the law.

Woman alleges a wrongful termination after being hurt on the job

Even with all of the safety information in place, employees still can be hurt on the job. Florida workers who file workers' compensation claims should not need to worry about retaliation for doing so. Employees who suffer a wrongful termination or an adverse work environment after filing such a claim have the right to turn to the legal system to rectify the situation.

Nursing home board is accused of wrongful termination

There are many reasons why an employee may be terminated legally, while others are blatant violations of employment laws. A Florida resident who was the executive director of a now-closed nursing home claims that he suffered a wrongful termination at the hands of the authority board. The authority board was created by special legislature and consisted of seven members. Three members were chosen by the mayor, three by city council and the seventh was appointed by the other six members.

Wrongful termination case may interest Florida workers

When Florida residents are terminated from employment positions, they often wonder why they are being let go. In many cases, the employee is given a valid reason and the situation is accepted. However, there are also cases of wrongful termination in which a worker is fired as a retaliatory, discriminatory or otherwise inappropriate act. These cases can become more complicated.

Florida workers may wish to combat wrongful termination

While on the job, some Florida workers may be faced with making difficult decisions. The decisions could be difficult because a supervisor or other employment superior could ask a worker to follow through with an action that the employee may not feel is right. Workers may worry that they could potentially be retaliated against if they do not follow orders, but they may also want to do the right thing. If workers do believe they are fired unjustly, they may want to consider legal action for wrongful termination.

Florida worker files wrongful termination claim against company

Being let go from an employment position can be devastating for a person both emotionally and financially. In some cases, the termination of an employee may come about for various and acceptable reasons. However, there are certain situation in which an employee may feel that their firing was unjust. If an party believes that their employment circumstances did not warrant being let go, he or she may consider filing a wrongful termination claim.  

Former coach files wrongful termination suit in Florida

Being treated unfairly in the workplace is an unfortunate circumstance that many individuals may find themselves facing. This unfair treatment could lead to their being subjected to inappropriate comments or actions, or they may even be fired from their positions without just cause. In such a case, a former worker may have reason to file a wrongful termination suit against his or her former employers.

Employee rights violations could lead to action in Florida

When it comes to the actions that employees are able to take during work, and while away from work, it is important for them to understand why some actions may be punishable. If they partake in certain activities that their employer does not deem appropriate, they could face serious consequences. However, it is important for Florida workers to ensure that their employee rights are not being infringed upon if they are punished or fired due to a certain event.

Former Florida police officer feels employee rights were violated

Losing a job is difficult for anyone who relies on their income to support themselves and their household. When a person feels that they were wrongfully terminated from their position, the situation can be even more difficult and could possibly lead to legal action being taken. Employee rights being violated are often reasons why former workers feel they were unjustly let go, and if a company is found guilty of such violations, workers could find themselves entitled to compensation.

Florida man seeks employment law case after wrongful termination

Losing a job tends to be difficult under any circumstances. Whether it was expected due to downsizing or a sudden turn of events, an individual can feel at a loss as to how to carry on. Furthermore, the situation can be even more distressing if a person feels he or she was terminated unjustly. If former employees feel they wrongfully lost their position, they may wish to pursue a case dealing with employment law in hopes of finding compensation.


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