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Wage claims allow Florida prison workers thousands of dollars

Working a job is how the majority of people provide for their families and for themselves. Some people are fortunate in finding a job they truly enjoy, but even the most enjoyable job can become tainted when employers are not paying workers their rightfully earned wages. Sometimes filing wage claims is necessary when there is a discrepancy in time worked and the amount of pay received.

Wage claims valid among laws protecting Florida employees

When one thinks of unfair labor practices, images of factory or warehouse work typically enter the mind. However, labor laws for Florida -- and the rest of the country for that matter -- blanket every industry and every profession. These statutes cover a wide range of issues in the workplace, including laws concerning wage claims. For example, the Motion Picture and Television Fund (MPTF) management was recently accused of failure to bargain in good faith and a spattering of related labor practice violations.

Will Florida pass a uniform wage-and-hour law?

Local governments have had the right to implement their own labor laws when it comes to government workers and contractors. However, this may all be about to change, as state lawmakers have begun to introduce legislation that could defeat the local laws enacted in Miami-Dade County. As a result, supporters of the county wage-and-hour law came out in force to protest the proposed legislation.

County ordinance may help Broward County workers recover wages

In the vast majority of cases, Broward County companies pay their staff members promptly for work completed over a specified period of time. Some, however, fail to do this, leaving employees, ex-employees and contractors in financial difficulty. Wage claims can be complex, particularly if the companies against which they are made are uncooperative. Nevertheless, some Florida counties have made "wage theft" a local issue, bringing new hope to many residents affected by unscrupulous business practices.

Living wage ordinances in Florida may be repealed

Wage claims often involve small amounts of money which can make a large difference to an employee trying to make ends meet. Wage laws can also adversely impact employees when economic conditions change after legislators pass the law. Readers in Broward County will want to know more about a proposed wage-and-hour law that could repeal local ordinances on living wages.

What workers need to know to fight illegal wage theft: Part II

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about an illegal practice that is all too common throughout the American workforce: wage theft. We all work hard to earn a living, and we deserve to be fairly compensated for it.

What workers need to know to fight illegal wage theft: Part I

Regardless of what profession you're in, you likely seek the same fundamental treatment from your employer as other workers do: an honest and reasonable wage for honest work. Americans work hard for their paychecks and we all deserve every last dollar that we have earned and are legally entitled to.

Darden Restaurants Inc. sued in Miami for wage-and-hour dispute

The people of Miami likely have heard that Darden Restaurants Inc. have been sued in federal court for alleged wage-and-hour claims. The restaurant giant owns four large chains, Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, The Capital Grille and Red Lobster, and this is the first lawsuit that will try to represent employees of all four brands. There have been other lawsuits filed in other states, but this could have a far greater effect with all of Darden's employee's involved.

Unpaid interns seek expansion of wage lawsuit against movie studio

Last November, we wrote about a high-profile lawsuit that has brought much attention to some common problems associated with unpaid internships. Two young men who formerly worked as interns in the production of the movie "Black Swan" brought a class-action lawsuit against Fox Searchlight.

Labor Department receives record number of wage and hour claims

Earlier this week, we wrote about a high-profile employment lawsuit brought against singer Celine Dion. A former employee who worked as a handyman at Dion's Florida home filed a wage and hour claim against the pop star and her husband. Among other allegations, the man claims he was misclassified as an "exempt" employee and wrongfully denied overtime pay.


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