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Florida workers could join lawsuit over unpaid overtime

Most people assume that if they are going to complete work for their employee, they will be compensated for such work. However, employees at a national chain specializing in products costing only $1 say their employer frequently failed to pay them for overtime. Employees in Florida could join in a lawsuit attempting to recover wages if a judge allows the case to proceed as a class action lawsuit.

Labor Department receives record number of wage and hour claims

Earlier this week, we wrote about a high-profile employment lawsuit brought against singer Celine Dion. A former employee who worked as a handyman at Dion's Florida home filed a wage and hour claim against the pop star and her husband. Among other allegations, the man claims he was misclassified as an "exempt" employee and wrongfully denied overtime pay.

Celine Dion employment lawsuit addresses important issue

"I drove all night," Celine Dion sung proudly in 2003 while covering a famous Cyndi Lauper tune. However, allegedly pushing for that kind of commitment is putting the famous Diva in hot water with one of her former employees.

Former personal assistant sues Lady Gaga for missing overtime pay

When it comes to working odd hours, there are few jobs more demanding than that of the personal assistant; especially the assistants of major celebrities or other busy and powerful individuals. Yet even assistants who are on call 24 hours a day are usually still eligible for overtime pay and other important benefits.

Judge denies class-action status for wage disputes against AT&T

AT&T continues to be one of America's largest communications companies, with customers and employees in nearly every state, including Florida. As with other national companies, an employee dispute anywhere could be relevant to future problems here in South Florida.


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