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Learn what to do if your boss breaks the law

Earlier this year, The Amlong Firm published a white paper containing important information for whistleblowers. If you have not yet had taken a few minutes to read through the paper, we encourage you to do so now. This white paper provides tips that could help you protect yourself if you witness something illegal at work and decide to take a stand.

What you need to know about blowing the whistle

Has something happened at work that you think might be illegal? If so, it is important for you to understand that there are laws to protect you if you choose to report the illegal activity. To help you learn about these laws and what they mean for you, we recently published a white paper entitled "Blowing the Whistle: When Your Employer Breaks the Law."

Federal jury finds city liable for firefighter sexual harassment

Despite the efforts of the legal system in recent decades, many forms of discrimination and harassment continue to occur in Broward County workplaces. In many cases, the emotional consequences of work-based sexual harassment have a serious impact on victims' home lives. Individuals can suffer from lost wages, interpersonal relationships can be negatively affected and levels of self-esteem can drop dramatically.

Case involves alleged retaliation for occupational illness

Sometimes, the alleged behavior of employers is almost too abhorrent to discuss in good taste. When devoted workers give their time and energy to an employer only to have that individual or company treat them with utter disrespect, it can be challenging to talk about in a diplomatic manner. However, it is critically important that we engage in discussion about frustrating cases, precisely because workers who experience similar realities must understand that they are not alone and can enforce their rights in court.

Former Oprah Winfrey Network employee alleges sex discrimination

We have previously written that high-profile employment lawsuits inspire much public dialogue about office politics as well as help employees better understand their own rights in the workplace. One such lawsuit will certainly get the public's attention, as it is associated with one of the country's richest and most respected women.

Court says FMLA protections extend to employer's expectations

When you have to stay home from work due to illness, your employer might assume that you will not attend to that day's work and will assign those duties to another employee to cover while you're gone. But perhaps your employer expects that you will simply make up the time as soon as possible and will hold you accountable for your sick day's worth of work.

Waste and fraud whistleblowers now more protected

As Congress and the White House attempt to decide on how to avert the fiscal cliff, money is more of a hot-button issue in Washington than it has been in some time. Perhaps inspired by the idea that the government must crack down on waste from within, President Obama signed legislation late last month that grants broader protection to federal employee whistleblowers who aid in exposing waste, fraud and abuse within the government sector.

Discrimination complaints overloading the EEOC

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) serves as the nation's watchdog and as its prosecutor of illegal workplace discrimination. However, the entity it is currently scrutinizing is not a business organization or any other private enterprise. According to a recent EEOC report, the federal government fell down on the job last year in several specific respects related to workplace discrimination.

Caregivers for the elderly facing increasing discrimination rates

Employment laws protect individuals from workplace discrimination in a variety of scenarios. For example, some laws explicitly protect individuals who belong to certain classes. In practice, this means that if an individual affiliates with a certain religion or is discriminated against because of race, nationality, gender or disability, the law will help that individual seek restitution for the harm caused by being treated in illegal ways at work.


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