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More NLRB rulings uphold employees' rights to free online speech

We have previously written about situations in which employees were fired for making disparaging comments on Facebook about their jobs or their supervisors; sometimes both. The resulting wrongful termination cases caught the attention of the entire nation because they posed an important question: where do we draw the line between protected employee speech and mere trash talk?

Were South Florida workers fired for protesting office policies?

When Florida residents have a work dispute with management involving their employment status or unfair working conditions, many are likely to seek the representation of a lawyer. But in one recent case from South Florida, a law firm appears to be at the heart of the employee dispute.

NLRB delivers important ruling affecting arbitration agreements

In recent years, an increasing number of companies have started requiring new hires to sign employment agreements in which they agree to settle all work-related complaints through arbitration rather than litigation. This means that they must agree to work out disputes with an arbitrator rather than pursue a lawsuit.

The debate over social media and protected employee speech: Part II

Many Florida employees have used Facebook or other sites to vent about job frustrations to their coworkers. But if the boss finds out, could they be fired? Earlier this week, we wrote about a growing issue in employment law: whether or not work complaints made on social media sites are considered protected employee speech.

The debate over social media and protected employee speech: Part I

We have previously written about the ways in which social media such as Facebook and Twitter is impacting employment law. Over the last year, employees in Florida and around the country have been fired or disciplined for making work-related complaints on social media sites.

Judge's ruling protects employees who post about work on Facebook

Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are now so common that they have become an extension of our daily lives and conversations. This includes our conversations with coworkers. But have you ever posted something job-related on Facebook and then feared you may have said too much?


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