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Theater janitors file a class action lawsuit for unpaid overtime

Many hard-working people go to work every day expecting to be paid a fair wage for the work that they do. Workers in Florida expect to be paid at least minimum wage and be compensated accordingly for any overtime hours that they work. When workers do the work but do not get paid, they may decide to file claims to get the unpaid overtime and income they believe that they are missing.

Adult club accused of not paying minimum wage to exotic dancer

According to state and federal employment guidelines, employees must be paid at least the minimum hourly wage. This allows workers in Florida and elsewhere to be entitled to earn a wage that allows them to provide for their families. Companies that are not paying minimum wage may think that they can get away with it, though they will likely discover that the law does not permit such wrongful behavior.

Wage and hour law changes come to Florida

For many workers across the country, working for minimum wage only allows them to scrape by when it comes to purchasing everyday necessities. In some situations, workers may be even more negatively affected if employers do not properly compensate them for their hours worked. Wage and hour law specifications are put in place to help ensure that workers are able to earn their pay and not suffer unnecessarily due to unpaid wages.

Homeless program in Florida may violate wage and hour law

It is not uncommon to see a person, presumably homeless, holding a sign on the roadside advertising their willingness to work for food. Many understand the struggles facing homeless people in this country. However, some feel that one man running a homeless program in Florida may be violating the wage and hour law.

Unpaid overtime could negatively affect Florida workers

Working 40 hours a week can be very taxing on Florida employees. As a result, they should be entitled to overtime pay if their position is not exempt from those wages. Working additional hours typically leads to individuals being paid more than their usual hourly wage as compensation. However, sometimes parties may be the victims of unpaid overtime, and legal action may be necessary in order to obtain that compensation.

Florida worker files claim for unpaid wages

For many individuals in the food service industry, tips may be considered a significant part of their income. However, if workers are performing duties on the job that do not provide opportunity to be given a tip, employees should be paid at least minimum wage. However, in some situations, workers may not be compensated properly for the duties they perform and may have cause to file a claim for unpaid wages.

Florida workers could be affected by unpaid wages

Receiving compensation for services performed is typical of almost every area of business. Employees expect their employers to provide them with fair wages as they complete their duties while on the job. Unfortunately, some Florida workers could be subjected to unpaid wages that could significantly upset their livelihood as many individuals depend on their wages to uphold their household.

Incorrectly categorized Florida interns may consider wage claims

When a young person is breaking into the Florida workforce, they may consider taking on an internship to help gain necessary experience. However, internships are at times unpaid, and it is coming into question more and more often if not paying interns is just. If individuals believe that their duties are befitting those of an employee who should receive at least minimum wage for their work, they may wish to file wage claims in order to receive compensation.

Florida wage theft victims may wish to file wage claims

When it comes to working a minimum wage job, many Florida residents may be grateful to have a job but may still be unable to fully support themselves on the low wages. Even more unfortunately, some of those workers may be the victims of wage theft and have their wages reduced even further. If individuals find themselves in such a situation, filing wage claims may be in their best interests.

Tipped employees in Florida may keep an eye on wage-and-hour law

Changes in minimum wage standards have been a point of serious debate as of late in Florida and across the country. There are many facets of wage-and-hour law that are being considered for different areas. A raise in the total amount of minimum wage currently being paid is supported by many different authorities figures, and those in industries where tipping is the norm could potentially see a change in their wages as well.


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