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Court upholds woman's firing because boss found her 'irresistible'

Stories posted on this blog regularly show that there is no shortage of injustice in the workplace. While inappropriate and illegal workplace actions are sadly common, most of us would nonetheless like to believe in the court system as the voice of reason that allows wronged individuals to find justice.

Study shows higher rates of sexual harassment toward teen workers

It has traditionally been a sign of maturity and responsibility for teenagers to have a part-time job while still in high school. Many parents encourage their teens to seek gainful employment, both as a means of earning spending money and getting a taste of the "real world."

South Florida sexual harassment case could face arbitration snag

In November, we wrote about disturbing allegations of inappropriate conduct by members of the kitchen staff at a restaurant in Boca Raton; a restaurant which is among the more prestigious in all of South Florida.

EEOC settles sexual harassment suit with South Florida restaurant

We have previously written that sexual harassment in the workplace does not have to be initiated by co-workers or supervisors. For instance, employees in service industries are sometimes harassed by the customers they interact with. In these cases, it is the responsibility of management and owners to step in and rectify the situation.

Since when is 'strip club attendance' in the job description?

Most Florida residents work in fairly boring office environments. Conversation is usually polite, inoffensive and non-political, and not much employee interaction happens outside work.

Avoiding some legal pitfalls of office holiday parties: Part II

Earlier this week, we wrote that many companies in Broward County and across Florida will be throwing holiday parties this month in order to thank their employees for a good year and allow everyone a chance to mix more casually.

Avoiding some legal pitfalls of office holiday parties: Part I

December is a socially busy month. And it is one of the few times of the year when it is customary for work life to mix with social life. This usually occurs in the form of the holiday party.

More companies trying to quietly settle sexual harassment claims

Earlier this week, we wrote about the damaging physical and psychological effects women can suffer as a result of sexual harassment in the workplace. Sadly, sexual harassment is still a frequent problem for both women and men in Broward County and across Florida.

South Florida chef sues restaurant for coworker sexual harassment

When most people think of workplace sexual harassment, it often takes the form of male to female harassment. But sexual harassment can be between coworkers of any gender, and can include any unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature.

Woman sues employer for egregious sexual harassment

Earlier this week, we wrote that Broward County employees were recently angered to learn about one man's suspicious promotion to transit superintendent. The promotion came less than a year after the man was nearly fired for sexual harassment.


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