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Florida man keeps job after 2nd sexual harassment incident

Sexual harassment in the workplace can occur despite policies and procedures in place to prevent it. When an employer receives a claim from an employee that they have been the victim of sexual harassment, it is incumbent on the employer to investigate the validity of the claim and take appropriate action if necessary. A Florida school system had to do exactly that when two teachers claimed a fellow employee made inappropriate and unwanted gestures toward them.

Harassment and workplace privacy rights case settles for $1 million

When government employers are held accountable for unacceptable behavior through employment discrimination suits, the settlement or judgment awards are often paid with tax payer money. As a result, large damage awards paid by local governments tend to make headlines.

Depression linked to perceived workplace discrimination

Workplace discrimination can be blatant and obvious. Discrimination can also be subtle and difficult to pin down. When surveys question employees as to whether they have faced discrimination in the workplace, many ask whether or not participants perceive that they have been discriminated against or been the victims of a hostile work environment.

EEOC efforts increasingly geared toward class actions

Big things are happening at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This agency, which is tasked with helping to create, refine and enforce the nation's federal workplace anti-discrimination laws and regulations, is currently employing what the Associated Press calls "a systemic strategy to bring more large-scale bias cases against prominent companies."

What you can do about workplace bullying: Part II

Earlier this week, we began a discussion on the subject of workplace bullying. This type of harassment is estimated to negatively affect the lives of millions of Americans annually, though many are under the incorrect assumption that there is nothing to be done about this problem when it arises.

Celebrity employment lawsuit alleges disputes about overtime pay

Florida has more than its share of immigrant workers, both legal and illegal. Because of cultural and language barriers, immigrants are often victims of employment abuses such as wage-and-hour law violations and other illegal workplace behaviors perpetrated by employers.

Overweight women are being targeted in the workplace

Discrimination and harassment in the workplace are not just illegal. They are also degrading, aggressive and demeaning practices which must be addressed as soon as they surface. Unfortunately for many different kinds of employees, the level of these behaviors can contribute to what is legally characterized as a hostile work environment.

South Florida female firefighter wins major sexual harassment suit

While women have made a lot of progress in their fight for workplace equality, there are still a number of traditionally male-dominated professions where female employees are often viewed as unwelcome intruders.

Former security official for the NBA files retaliation lawsuit

Basketball fans in Florida were no doubt elated to hear that the 2011-2012 season was just delayed, rather than cancelled outright. Whether your team is the Miami Heat or the Orlando Magic, it was likely welcome news to hear that the season is now underway.


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