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Bookseller accused of workplace discrimination by ex-employee

Barnes & Noble is making headlines but not being shown in a positive light. People in Florida and elsewhere who patronize the bookseller may be very disturbed to hear about the way in which it allegedly treated one of its transgender employees. The woman claims that her transition was not handled with sensitivity and that she was the victim of workplace discrimination and harassment.

Harassment case could interest Florida workers

Judging individuals based on their ethnicity, race, religion or other factors is a practice that many individuals would consider unseemly. Regrettably, many Florida residents often face harassment and discrimination due to such aspects of themselves and their lives. Employees may even be subjected to inappropriate comments and actions at their place of employment, and as a result, they may leave their jobs due to the hostile environment. In such cases, an individual could potentially have cause to file a legal claim.

Discrimination charges apparently not uncommon in Florida

When a person is considering applying for a new job, they may take many aspects into consideration. One of these aspects is likely the location of the job. Some individuals may wish to do their research on how employment is handled in certain states, and unfortunately, some may think twice about applying for a job in Florida due to its ranking for number of discrimination and harassment charges.

Florida sees fewer discrimination cases, still significant number

Going to work can range from being an enjoyable experience to something that fills an employee with dread to think about. On occasion, this dread can be the result of facing discrimination in the workplace that can make for a difficult working environment. If a person is the victim of such actions, they should understand that there are courses of action that they may be able to take to better their situations.

Former Florida worker allegedly faced discrimination, termination

Being let go from a position of employment can be a difficult situation to face. If that situation appears to have come up unjustly due to discrimination or other tactics, a former employee may wish to take a closer look at their circumstances. In some situations, legal action may need to be taken in order for former employees to receive compensation for an unfair termination, and potentially lead to a better workplace for other employees.

Florida football player leaves team due to discrimination

Being part of a team often comes with a sense of welcome and understanding that there are other people who support you. Many professional athletes feel a strong sense of camaraderie with their teammates, but it is also possible for some tension to arise between players. Discrimination and harassment can take place in any profession, and a Florida football team is no exception.

Ignored discrimination, harassment complaints led to legal action

Many Florida workers know that the type of environment of a workplace and the interactions that go on between co-workers can have a considerable impact on how efficiently a workplace runs. Negative actions such as discrimination and subsequent harassment can create a very unwelcoming environment that could prompt employees to file complaints about the actions of other workers or superiors. Unfortunately, some of those complaints go uninvestigated and employees must either continually deal with inappropriate actions or, in some cases, are terminated from positions for making their claims.

Court ruling could make discrimination claims more difficult

As Florida residents know, employment discrimination is a negative aspect that many people must deal with every day. Feeling qualified for a job and having high hopes for getting the job can cause a person to feel elated, as they may have been searching for employment for quite some time. However, to learn that a person was passed over for a job or even terminated from a position due to some sort of discrimination can have a devastating effect. People often cannot help what they may be being discriminated against for, such as their race, age or gender, and to feel judged for such things can be heartbreaking.

Study shows higher rates of sexual harassment toward teen workers

It has traditionally been a sign of maturity and responsibility for teenagers to have a part-time job while still in high school. Many parents encourage their teens to seek gainful employment, both as a means of earning spending money and getting a taste of the "real world."

National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month is for employees too

This month has been designated National Bullying Prevention Awareness month. While much of the media coverage of this event has centered on the behavior of children and schools, an increasing number of adults are suffering from bullying as a form of employment discrimination. As a result, the lessons being advanced by advocates of this month's campaign can apply to the workplace as well as the schoolyard.


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