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Law firm settles gender discrimination claim by female attorney

A law firm should provide measures to insure that female attorneys don't make claims of gender discrimination, and then have the basis for the claims generally verified by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). A prominent Florida firm, Greenberg Traurig, just settled a lawsuit for gender discrimination with a female attorney, who is a former employee in one of the firm's offices outside of Florida. She filed the complaint in Dec. 2012 in a federal district court, and just settled recently by way of an order of dismissal with prejudice entered by a federal judge.

Florida residents take part in gender discrimination survey

Attitudes toward equality have progressed significantly over the last few decades. For example, people's views on gay rights and toward immigration have changed drastically since a poll was taken in 1997. However, how women view their treatment in the workplace has changed a shockingly small amount, indicating they still face gender discrimination in the workplace. Participants in the survey were from all over the United States, including Florida.

Florida women claim gender discrimination still an issue

An amendment to the U.S Constitution proposed over 15 years ago is still a topic that is currently being debated. Because the Equal Rights Amendment, was only ratified by 35 states (instead of the necessary 38), it was never actually added to the Constitution. However, Florida women are hoping to help change that by urging the state legislature to finally ratify the amendment that would make gender discrimination illegal. The passing of the Amendment would bolster laws in place that ban discrimination in the work force.

When discrimination affects you at work and at home

Unfortunately, if you are being discriminated against at work you may also be battling discrimination in other areas of your life. We frequently write about workplace discrimination scenarios that could only happen at work, such as failure to promote due to gender discrimination. However, many Americans struggle with discrimination on multiple fronts. It is important to know that you are protected by law against discrimination in a myriad of contexts.

Caregiver discrimination increasingly aimed at men

Gone are the days when women were expected to stay home and the decision of a father to stay with his children would have been received with either confusion or disdain. Due to evolving perceptions of gender roles in the home, more and more men are choosing to act as either a primary or an equally situated caregiver of children.

Former Oprah Winfrey Network employee alleges sex discrimination

We have previously written that high-profile employment lawsuits inspire much public dialogue about office politics as well as help employees better understand their own rights in the workplace. One such lawsuit will certainly get the public's attention, as it is associated with one of the country's richest and most respected women.

When employment lawyers don't heed their own advice

Many would think that lawyers are always good at protecting themselves from lawsuits and ensuring that they are adhering to the rules by which they litigate. This seems especially true when it comes to the areas that they practice.

Court upholds woman's firing because boss found her 'irresistible'

Stories posted on this blog regularly show that there is no shortage of injustice in the workplace. While inappropriate and illegal workplace actions are sadly common, most of us would nonetheless like to believe in the court system as the voice of reason that allows wronged individuals to find justice.

'Silent' pregnancy discrimination at work happens often

When discrimination and harassment occur in the workplace, this behavior can be blatantly obvious, it can exist fairly silently and play out in subtle ways or it can be somewhere in between these two opposites. While pregnancy discrimination often happens in obvious ways, recent research published in the Harvard Business Review indicates that the more silent and subtle forms of pregnancy discrimination also happen quite frequently.


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