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Second term may bring progress on GLBT rights in the workplace

Last year, many GLBT activists were understandably frustrated when the executive branch failed to institute a sexual orientation discrimination ban in federally contracted workplaces. However, many individuals seeking greater enforcement of GLBT rights are hopeful that such action will be taken in President Obama's second term in office.

Lawsuit claims sexual harassment by school district superintendant

In Florida, whenever employees believe that they are being sexually harassed in the workplace, it is important to seek help immediately. This is because many times management may attempt to dissuade the employee from pursuing a sexual harassment claim for many obvious reasons.

Weight discrimination issues need to be clearly addressed

Workplace discrimination law has evolved to reflect changing societal attitudes. For example, some of the first characteristics to be protected by law were race, nationality and religion, because recognized discrimination amongst these groups was so widespread. Then, the law began to recognize discrimination against women and the disabled.

EEOC ruling clarifies transgender employee protections

We often write about employment discrimination cases which are somewhat disheartening. Unfortunately, even though the law largely protects workers against harassment and discrimination, loopholes exist that employers will always try to exploit.

No pending executive order to end gay employment discrimination

Sometimes greeted with applause and sometimes greeted with howls of protest, President Obama has created many executive orders during his first term in office. In fact, since this past autumn the White House has argued that frequent use of its executive order power allows the administration to move on issues that the American people "can't wait" for other legislative or judicial action on.

FAU strengthens and clarifies anti-discrimination policies

Although Broward County and other parts of Florida have passed ordinances prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation, there is still no statewide law offering this protection. As we have previously written, pending legislation known as the Competitive Workforce Act may soon change that.

Florida lawmakers consider many anti-discrimination bills: Part II

Earlier this week, we wrote that Florida lawmakers have recently proposed at least five bills that would prohibit specific discriminatory actions by employers in the state. If passed, these bills would level the playing field for many struggling Florida residents including the GLBT community and those whose jobs were affected by the recession.

Florida lawmakers consider many anti-discrimination bills: Part I

Last month, we wrote that a state legislator has introduced a bill called the Competitive Workforce Act that seeks to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation in all Florida workplaces. The bill also applies to gender identity or expression discrimination.

Woman sues employers who fired her because of perceived lesbianism

Earlier this week, we wrote about a new bill being considered by state legislators that would outlaw sexual orientation discrimination in the entire state of Florida. It is known as the Competitive Workforce Act.

New bill could end sexual orientation discrimination in Florida

Florida is sending mixed messages when it comes to protecting GLBT rights in the workplace. There are currently no state laws that make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. However, about 55 percent of Floridians live in areas that afford GLBT protections through local government intervention, including here in Broward County.


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