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Sexual harassment claim by 3 women took too long for justice

Reporting unwanted behavior in the workplace requires a lot of courage. Once the sexual harassment has been brought forward, it is expected that the situation will be handled in a timely fashion. However, some companies in Florida and elsewhere may not take the allegations seriously and may take an unacceptably long time disciplining the offending party.

City accused of wage and hour law violations on overtime pay

Sometimes calculating overtime is not always black and white. In some industries, other factors are taken into account when determining the rate at which overtime is paid. If these calculations are done incorrectly and the errors are not remedied, Florida workers may feel that the company is violating a wage and hour law.

Red Robin accused of a woman's wrongful termination

Restaurant chains require large numbers of employees in order to serve their customers. Decisions about hiring these employees should never be made based on discriminating factors, and those responsible for making those decisions are required to abide by the law. However, sometimes the situation can be reversed, and Florida employees may receive a wrongful termination for abiding by the law.

Woman accuses multiple defendants of allowing sexual harassment

Victimized workers who report predatory behavior expect that their claims will be taken seriously. It can be difficult and frightening for the affected employees to come forward with their stories. Florida workers who suffer from sexual harassment may be forced to turn to the law so that harassment does not continue in the future.

Bookseller accused of workplace discrimination by ex-employee

Barnes & Noble is making headlines but not being shown in a positive light. People in Florida and elsewhere who patronize the bookseller may be very disturbed to hear about the way in which it allegedly treated one of its transgender employees. The woman claims that her transition was not handled with sensitivity and that she was the victim of workplace discrimination and harassment.

Theater janitors file a class action lawsuit for unpaid overtime

Many hard-working people go to work every day expecting to be paid a fair wage for the work that they do. Workers in Florida expect to be paid at least minimum wage and be compensated accordingly for any overtime hours that they work. When workers do the work but do not get paid, they may decide to file claims to get the unpaid overtime and income they believe that they are missing.

City settles for $1.6M after being accused of not hiring blacks

Every qualified applicant deserves a fair shot at getting a position. The hiring decision should be made based upon the person's qualifications for the job, not upon their protected status. When job seekers in Florida notice that a company is not hiring minorities, they may accuse the company of discrimination.

33 women are accusing Ford of sexual harassment

Many people are forced to go to work each day with feelings of nervousness because they know the type of day they likely have ahead of them. People in Florida and across the country may be shocked to hear the allegations being made by a group of 33 women who worked or still work at Ford plants in another state. These women claim that they were all victims of sexual harassment.

Jewish man claims he was the victim of religious discrimination

Everyone is entitled to his or her religious beliefs and should not be discriminated against in the workplace because of them. The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida is bringing forth a federal lawsuit on behalf of one of the employees of the Collier County Sheriff's Office. The man claims that he was routinely discriminated against because of his religious beliefs and even held back from getting a promotion.

Red Lobster settles sexual harassment lawsuit for $160,000

Everyone in the workplace should be conscientious of what he or she says and does. Workers should never be made to feel uncomfortable when they are trying to do their jobs. Unfortunately, a large family dining chain is now reportedly being seen in a negative light for just such reasons. Florida-based Red Lobster has been dealing with accusations by some of its employees who are claiming that they were the victims of sexual harassment.


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