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Two states now ban employers from requesting Facebook passwords

It has become apparent that social media is blurring the line between work and private life. Unfortunately, unless this line is clearly defined and stays fixed, it can create a multitude of problems for both employees and employers.

Nine states seek to ban employers from seeking Facebook passwords

In March, we wrote about the latest troubling trend in the job market. A growing number of public and private employers are requiring job applicants to provide their Facebook account passwords and allow the company to snoop around. At the very least, some employers are asking applicants to log into their account on a company computer and let the interviewer have full access to their personal social media information.

Facebook speaks out against job interview password requirement

Last week, we wrote about the latest disturbing employment trend related to use of social media. It has already become common practice for employers to see what dirt they can find on job applicants by looking at their publicly available Facebook profile before or after an interview.

More employers now asking applicants for their Facebook passwords

Facebook and other social media sites continue to provide much fuel for controversy between employers and employees, as well as those seeking employment. Several of our previous posts have discussed employees who have faced retaliation or wrongful termination due to comments they made on Facebook which either disparaged the company or a supervisor.

Tips for making smart choices when mixing work with social media

We have previously written about how social media sites like Facebook are blurring the lines between work life and private life. An increasing number of companies in Florida and across the country are firing or disciplining employees for Facebook comments or other social media activities that reflect negatively on the company.


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