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Workplace practices lead to religious discrimination concerns

Florida readers may be aware of a recently filed lawsuit against a medical services company due to unusual religious practices. The suit, filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is in response to alleged practices at the company that forced at least four employees to perform religious observations practiced by Scientologists. The story has raised a number of concerns about violations of workplace regulations designed to both prevent religious discrimination and to protect workers from religious coercion.

When employment lawyers don't heed their own advice

Many would think that lawyers are always good at protecting themselves from lawsuits and ensuring that they are adhering to the rules by which they litigate. This seems especially true when it comes to the areas that they practice.

Discrimination complaints about language and accents on the rise

South Florida is home to a diverse mix of people and cultures. While this provides a great opportunity for personal growth and a chance to expand one's horizons, this cultural melting pot can sometimes create problems in the workplace.

Discrimination complaints overloading the EEOC

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) serves as the nation's watchdog and as its prosecutor of illegal workplace discrimination. However, the entity it is currently scrutinizing is not a business organization or any other private enterprise. According to a recent EEOC report, the federal government fell down on the job last year in several specific respects related to workplace discrimination.

EEOC efforts increasingly geared toward class actions

Big things are happening at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This agency, which is tasked with helping to create, refine and enforce the nation's federal workplace anti-discrimination laws and regulations, is currently employing what the Associated Press calls "a systemic strategy to bring more large-scale bias cases against prominent companies."

Landmark pregnancy discrimination case headed for appeal

The life of a working mother can be quite challenging. This statement is often uniquely true when children are very young and they are still dependant on their mothers in very primal ways. When mothers need to pump breast milk several times over the course of a work day, finding the time, privacy and storage capabilities to do so can be a frustrating process.

Discrimination lawsuit names EEOC - as a defendant

In many discrimination lawsuits filed against employers in Florida and throughout the country, the employee plaintiffs have a powerful ally on their side: the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or the EEOC. This federal agency has the duty and responsibility to protect workers from discrimination and hold employers accountable for failing to treat employees fairly. So why is the EEOC now facing such a lawsuit and allegations that it did exactly that?

More of Florida's female firefighters face discrimination: Part II

Earlier this week, we began a discussion about the gender discrimination allegations to recently come out of fire departments in several South Florida cities. The town of Davie was the subject of action by federal investigators in response to complaints that the town's fire department engaged in gender and pregnancy discrimination.

More of Florida's female firefighters face discrimination: Part I

In April, we wrote about a female firefighter in South Florida who won a major lawsuit against the city of Miami Beach. The disturbing incidents of sexual harassment she endured, allegedly perpetrated by her male coworkers, are a sad reminder that antiquated attitudes and unacceptable gender stereotypes are still present in some South Florida workplaces.

Recent AARP survey confirms age discrimination fears

Some blame the sluggish economy, while others blame a society increasingly obsessed with age. Regardless, the fact that older workers are having an increasingly difficult time finding work and staying in the positions they have already secured is undeniable. While unacceptable, age discrimination in hiring and general employment is all too common in America today.


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