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Google accused of employment discrimination based on age

Technology is a competitive industry and people of various ages can be qualified to perform the essential functions of those jobs. A Florida man claims that when he applied to work at Google he was turned down based on employment discrimination due his age. Data compiled on the company demonstrated that from 2007 to 2013, the company grew exponentially, yet the average age of the its workers was only 29 as compared to the average technology worker across the United States being 43.

Florida has second highest number of discrimination complaints

It is often considered a great unfairness when someone is judged based on his or her age, ethnicity, religion or other factors. These judgments may sometimes come in the form of comments, but there are other actions that some individuals may face that could be truly detrimental. In some cases, parties may face employment discrimination due to personal aspects of themselves and miss out on opportunities.

Pregnancy should not lead to employment discrimination in Florida

For many Florida women, becoming pregnant does not necessarily mean that they want to give up their jobs. However, because pregnancies can sometimes become complicated or require mothers-to-be to make certain accommodations during their workdays, working may become more difficult. If accommodations can be made, many women are happy to continue working under the restrictions. Unfortunately, some pregnant workers could become the victims of employment discrimination.

Multi-million dollar verdict in employment discrimination case

Many people in Florida are familiar with the distinctive AutoZone sign. Regardless of the company's reputation as a distributor of car parts, one out-of-state woman has alleged that the company fosters a culture that prevents women from being promoted to store managers. In a recent employment discrimination case, one woman alleges that the company was reluctant, if not unwilling, to promote her, and she was reportedly demoted after having a child.

Do background checks lead to employment discrimination?

It is possible that required background checks lead to employment discrimination? Florida readers know that it is not uncommon for employers to require all applicants to submit to a criminal background check. However, it is possible that this practice has actually led to employment discrimination in some situations.

Florida laws could impact discrimination against pregnant women

Having a job often means being able to use an income to take care of personal and household needs. When a woman becomes pregnant, that income may become even more important as more expenses are likely to come about due to a growing family and medical expenses. Unfortunately, some pregnant women may face employment discrimination because they are expecting a child.

Older Florida workers could face employment discrimination

When a Florida employee has been working with a company for the majority of their career and are nearing retirement, suddenly being let go from a position may come as quite a shock. Unfortunately, many older workers may face employment discrimination if employers feel that it is time for a younger candidate to take over the position. While employers may see this as a beneficial business move, middle-aged employees can be left struggling with unemployment.

Pending Florida laws prohibit discrimination against unemployed

Being unemployed is often a stressful situation to be in. Many people may feel discouraged after applying to jobs only to find that they do not meet certain qualifications or requirements. Currently, numerous companies require current employment before an applicant could be considered for a position, and several states are seeing such requirements as discrimination against the unemployed.

Former UPS worker files employment discrimination claim

Some Florida residents have a tendency to replace older models of items when a newer and supposedly better item comes out, though the older model may still work well enough. While this practice can be acceptable for equipment and appliances, replacing older employees who are still capable for performing their duties could be considered employment discrimination. Older people need to have a form of income just as younger workers do and being fired due to their age can be a considerable setback.

Court ruling could make discrimination claims more difficult

As Florida residents know, employment discrimination is a negative aspect that many people must deal with every day. Feeling qualified for a job and having high hopes for getting the job can cause a person to feel elated, as they may have been searching for employment for quite some time. However, to learn that a person was passed over for a job or even terminated from a position due to some sort of discrimination can have a devastating effect. People often cannot help what they may be being discriminated against for, such as their race, age or gender, and to feel judged for such things can be heartbreaking.


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