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Disability discrimination claims declined in 2014

Having a disability is something that many Florida residents have had to come to terms with over the course of their lives. Some disabilities may have existed since birth, while some are the result of injuries sustained later in life. No matter the case, employees should not face discrimination based on their disabilities. If an individual believes that he or she has been discriminated against, he or she may be able to take legal action.

Florida has second highest number of discrimination complaints

It is often considered a great unfairness when someone is judged based on his or her age, ethnicity, religion or other factors. These judgments may sometimes come in the form of comments, but there are other actions that some individuals may face that could be truly detrimental. In some cases, parties may face employment discrimination due to personal aspects of themselves and miss out on opportunities.

Former coach files workplace discrimination suit against school

A former coach at a Florida university recently filed a workplace discrimination suit against the institution. According to the workplace discrimination claim, the university behaved in a discriminatory way toward him after he revealed that he suffered from multiple sclerosis. He alleges that he was then terminated after complaining about how he was treated by the school's officials.

Disabled Florida employees could face workplace discrimination

Thousands of people across the country, including in Florida, live with disabilities on a daily basis. Some of these disabilities may be difficult to deal with without assistance, while other individuals are able to carry on while only making accommodations for their disability. Unfortunately, some individuals could face unfair workplace discrimination due to their disability, and they may wish to look into legal action.

Disability discrimination in the workplace is forbidden by law

In some ways, employment discrimination because of disability has proved extremely difficult to combat. According to interviews with individuals having severe disabilities such as cerebral palsy, they mostly want to be treated as just people and not as an alien species. Fortunately, Florida and all other states are now bound by federal and state laws that protect the rights of the disabled from discrimination in the workplace.

Star of 'Blue Bloods' illegally sidelined due to medical condition?

Federal law protects employees with disabilities from unjust employment discrimination. Under the law, a disability can be characterized as an injury, a medical condition one has had since birth, an illness and even pregnancy in certain situations. As a result, it is little wonder that Hollywood is buzzing about whether 'Blue Bloods' star Jennifer Esposito will file an Americans with Disabilities Act employment law claim against CBS for its alleged discrimination against her.

Discrimination may be jeopardizing disabled worker hiring goals

It can be difficult to curb illegal and discriminatory practices in the private sector. It would be easy to think that it is far less difficult to execute consistently fair hiring and employment practices in the public sector.

Discrimination lawsuit names EEOC - as a defendant

In many discrimination lawsuits filed against employers in Florida and throughout the country, the employee plaintiffs have a powerful ally on their side: the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or the EEOC. This federal agency has the duty and responsibility to protect workers from discrimination and hold employers accountable for failing to treat employees fairly. So why is the EEOC now facing such a lawsuit and allegations that it did exactly that?

Starbucks sued for disability discrimination in hiring

Federal and Florida law protects employees from discrimination in the workplace. Additionally, the law protects applicants from hiring discrimination based on race, religion, gender and a host of other characteristics.

Senior agency in South Florida faces age discrimination lawsuit

A 69-year-old South Florida woman has filed a lawsuit against her former employer alleging disability discrimination as well as age discrimination. Ironically, her former employer is an agency that provides resources to senior citizens and caregivers.


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