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Hiding social identity at work may raise discrimination risk

The prevalence of discrimination in the workplace may lead employees to conceal personal characteristics that could become targets of discrimination. However, the behaviors embraced by those workers most concerned about being discriminated against may be inspiring higher rates of race, religion and national origin discrimination, among others, rather than lowering them.

Federal government taking notice of age discrimination

Unemployment in a recovering economy can be a daunting prospect for any employee. However, evidence suggests that prospective employees over a certain age may have a particularly difficult time finding work. Though some are hesitant to call it age discrimination, the failure of employers to give adequate and proper consideration to qualified applicants due to their age is just that.

Age discrimination bill may help to restore workers' rights

Due to both legislation and various Supreme Court rulings, it is either easier or more difficult for certain groups to obtain justice for discrimination in the workplace. Those seeking restitution for age discrimination were put in a more precarious position when a 2009 United States Supreme Court ruling altered the ways in which the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act is treated in judicial proceedings.

Ballpark beer vendor loses lawsuit alleging age discrimination

Age discrimination in the workplace can sometimes be difficult to prove. When an older employee is terminated, demoted or denied advancement, the company often claims it is because the employee's work performance has deteriorated with age.

South Florida TV company faces more age discrimination claims

Age discrimination in the workplace is often a way for companies to try to push older employees out. Sometimes employers might discriminate based on incorrect stereotypes which say that older employees are less competent than younger ones.


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