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Google accused of employment discrimination based on age

Technology is a competitive industry and people of various ages can be qualified to perform the essential functions of those jobs. A Florida man claims that when he applied to work at Google he was turned down based on employment discrimination due his age. Data compiled on the company demonstrated that from 2007 to 2013, the company grew exponentially, yet the average age of the its workers was only 29 as compared to the average technology worker across the United States being 43.

Florida job applicants could fall victim to age discrimination

Applying for a new job can make many Florida applicants simultaneously excited and apprehensive. The prospect of being hired to a position that they are qualified for can be cause for much anticipation, but the idea of possibly being passed over and the job given to another candidate can be disheartening. Such a situation can become even more discouraging when some sort of discrimination is thought to have occurred.

EEOC backs discrimination suit filed against mattress retailer

Having a job is something that many Florida residents pride themselves on. No matter what a person's age, employment can make a considerable difference in his or her life. Unfortunately, many older workers have been victims of age discrimination as companies prefer to have younger employees on their staff. However, whether companies prefer younger staff members is a moot point as age discrimination is not a legal act.

Recent decision affects State Department's ability to discriminate

Employment law is complicated and nuanced. Although anti-discrimination laws protect the vast majority of American workers in a variety of scenarios, notable exceptions exist. For example, some federal laws only protect workers employed at companies of a certain size. Additionally, some applicants with criminal records may be discriminated against during the hiring process, provided that their record directly relates to the job at hand.

How fellow employees contribute to discriminatory environments

When injustice occurs, it can be difficult to know how to respond. Especially when one is a bystander, it can be confusing to know how or when to step in and whether an active response or silence will truly influence the outcome of the situation.

Recent AARP survey confirms age discrimination fears

Some blame the sluggish economy, while others blame a society increasingly obsessed with age. Regardless, the fact that older workers are having an increasingly difficult time finding work and staying in the positions they have already secured is undeniable. While unacceptable, age discrimination in hiring and general employment is all too common in America today.

Federal government taking notice of age discrimination

Unemployment in a recovering economy can be a daunting prospect for any employee. However, evidence suggests that prospective employees over a certain age may have a particularly difficult time finding work. Though some are hesitant to call it age discrimination, the failure of employers to give adequate and proper consideration to qualified applicants due to their age is just that.

Age discrimination bill may help to restore workers' rights

Due to both legislation and various Supreme Court rulings, it is either easier or more difficult for certain groups to obtain justice for discrimination in the workplace. Those seeking restitution for age discrimination were put in a more precarious position when a 2009 United States Supreme Court ruling altered the ways in which the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act is treated in judicial proceedings.


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