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How to get the back pay you're owed

Imagine working in for many years in a job you love for a boss that you respect. While things were great in the beginning, you started noticing that things were not quite what they seemed. After looking closely at the situation, you realize that your employer has not been paying you the wages he promised in your employment contact. When taken as just a few paychecks, the difference in negligible, but after several years of this, the amount is significant.

County agrees to settle wage and hour law claim for back wages

Understandably, county workers in Florida expect fair treatment when it comes to their wages and the hours they put in on the job. Water-treatment employees in another state who had such expectations were reportedly disillusioned. A total of 151 workers filed a class action lawsuit against the county back in 2011. It has now been reported that the county has agreed to pay a $795,000 settlement in what it stated was a compromise with no admission of liability in the case alleging violations of wage and hour law.

Landlord sued by former worker for 10 years of unpaid overtime

Florida residents may have read about a case that followed hundreds of tenants' complaints against a landlord who is the owner of almost 150 apartment buildings in another state. Along with facing multiple felony charges related to the manner in which he handled the finances of his properties, he is now also being sued by a former employee. A man who claims to have been managing 11 of the landlord's buildings has filed a lawsuit alleging wage and hour law violations for unpaid overtime. The man says he was never paid any overtime wages over the almost 10 years in which his workweeks covered an average of 81 hours per week.

Unpaid overtime claims by nurses may lead to class action lawsuit

It is not uncommon for healthcare workers in Florida and other states to have administrative duties at the end of their shifts. In many cases, these workers tend to patients throughout their shifts, leaving no time to record the necessary notes prior to going off duty. Sadly, the extra time spent on those duties are seldom recognized by employers. This oversight often leads to unpaid overtime claims.

Fast food companies found guilty of wage and hour law violations

Employees of several national fast food companies are reportedly finding support in the county's courts, including some in Florida. Multiple claims related to wage and hour law violations have been filed against McDonald's, Chipotle, Papa John and others. The charges included wage theft, discrimination and worker intimidation.

Court of appeals orders jury to decide about unpaid overtime

Employers in Florida and elsewhere may not ignore overtime by claiming that they were not aware of it. An employee of a trucking company in another state filed a lawsuit against her employer claiming back pay for unpaid overtime hours which were remunerated at the normal rate. The federal district court dismissed the claims finding that the company did not know of the overtime hours worked. The employee filed an appeal.

Wage and hour law: Some disabled workers earn subminimum wages

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects individuals with physical challenges against wage discrimination. There are some loopholes that certain employers in Florida and elsewhere use to secure cheap labor. Workers whose physical or mental deficiencies make them less productive than others without disabilities can be paid at rates below minimum wage. Although special permits must be obtained, it is not uncommon for companies to violate wage and hour law by taking advantage of this law that enables them to remunerate workers at what is called the subminimum wage.

Moving company accused of wage and hour law violations

It is not uncommon for employers nationwide, including those in Florida, to take advantage of their employees. Many workers endure wage and hour law violations because they fear dismissals or other types of workplace retaliation. However, in some cases, some victims have the courage to take legal actions that could ultimately lead to class action lawsuits that can address the financial and other damages they have suffered.

Restaurant must pay $141,544 for unpaid overtime

Workers in Florida and other states may be done in by their employers if they have to work at multiple locations. After the U.S. Department of Labor recently found that a restaurant in another state failed to accurately calculate the hours worked by employees, the owner reached a settlement agreement. A total amount of $141,544 in unpaid overtime remuneration and damages will be paid to 11 workers. Because it was deemed to have committed a civil violation, the restaurant will also be liable to pay $2,805 in civil penalties.

Help is available to sue employers not paying minimum wage

Florida workers may feel powerless if their employers fail to pay them what they are due. There are different situations in which employers may violate the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) by not paying minimum wage. Regardless of the category of worker who is denied proper remuneration, help is available to take appropriate legal action.


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