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Sexual Harassment Archives

McDonald's faces 15 worker complaints alleging sexual harassment

The recent release of a survey that included the experiences of 1,217 women in the fast food industry revealed that four in 10 women in this industry had been subjected to workplace harassment. The majority of the respondents were victims of frequent sexual harassment, and in some cases, there were male victims of sexual discrimination. It is not uncommon for such harassment to go unreported because of the fear of retaliation or termination. However, 15 complaints have been filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission by employees of McDonald's in eight different states, including in Florida.

Rescue mission worker alleges sexual harassment at work

Having to cope with unwanted sexual advances at work can make life extremely unpleasant, and employees nationwide, including in Florida, need not put up with it. A man who claims to be a victim of such harassment recently filed a federal lawsuit against a rescue mission in another state. The lawsuit alleges he was dismissed after repeatedly reporting sexual harassment.

4 women file sexual harassment lawsuit against restaurant owner

The lives of female employees in Florida and other states can be made extremely unpleasant if they are exposed to inappropriate actions by male colleagues and bosses. Some women endure sexual harassment in the workplace, and some quit their jobs to escape it. When one person has the courage to take action, it is not uncommon for more victims to do the same.

Sexual harassment by Safeway customer leads to lawsuit

Being exposed to any type of harassment at work can cause high levels of stress that can even affect a person's home life. Fortunately, perpetrators of unacceptable behavior, such as sexual harassment, can be held accountable under the laws protecting workers nationwide, including in Florida. Safeway supermarket was sued by an employee who was sexually harassed by a male customer to the point she resigned to escape the man.

Male workers support female colleagues in sexual harassment claim

Discrimination in Florida workplaces that is based on gender is as unacceptable as any other form of discrimination. A dried fruit processing company in another state was ordered to pay $1,470,000 in damages to a group of employees who reported sexual harassment and wrongful termination occasioned by retaliation to the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This was reportedly the maximum amount of damages allowed by applicable laws.

There are remedies against wage and hour law violations

A Florida employer who fails or refuses to pay an employee for extra hours worked may regard the amount of money for a few overtime hours per week as insignificant. However, for the employee who is struggling financially, every bit of extra income can be vital. Fortunately, there is a wage and hour law in place that protects workers against being exploited.

TV commentator alleges sexual harassment by Fox CEO

There are various types of workplace discrimination to which Florida employees can be subjected. Sexual harassment is one kind of treatment that involves unwelcome behavior with a sexual connotation. Unfortunately, despite the changing of workplace environments to accommodate both men and women across all industries, it is not uncommon for a supervisor to demand a sexual relationship in exchange for a promotion or other favorable treatment.

Jury awards $806,000 after sexual harassment of firefighter

Employees nationwide, including in Florida, have certain rights that may not be violated by employers or co-workers. A lieutenant with a fire department in another state claimed her early retirement followed years of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. A jury agreed that her rights under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act were violated and awarded her $806,000 for punitive and emotional damages, along with lost wages for the earnings she forfeited by early retirement.

Hooters faces sexual harassment charges from 2 male workers

Many Florida readers may frequent Hooters when they are in the mood for some wings, but, apparently in some instances, the treatment of the employees is not as good as the food. Two male employees of the restaurant who worked outside the state have filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in a superior court against the company and their former manager. The men claim that they were the victims of physical and emotional abuse and are looking to the court to right the injustices against them.

8 Immigrant workers settle sexual harassment claim for $1M

Behind closed doors, many immigrant workers in Florida and across the country are exposed to sexual harassment. Many who are aggrieved are afraid to speak up out of fear of retaliation, which only allows the improper behavior to continue. A group of eight immigrant workers from another state fought against their fears and filed a sexual harassment claim against a luxury condo association, and they are finally receiving justice.


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