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LGBT workers fighting for workplace discrimination protection

A Florida employee has the right to go to his or her place of work without fearing inappropriate or unfair treatment from others. Unfortunately, workplace discrimination is still a problem for many employees, particularly for LGBT workers. To combat this problem, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have showed support for passing protections for these employees. However, it appears that these efforts will not be successful in the near future.

Despite widespread support for this legislation, the the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives is blocking it from moving forward. He says that he has concerns that adding these protections will result in a dramatic increase in litigation. One of the challenges to these protective measures is that one's sexual orientation is not physically apparent, unlike someone's gender. The speaker claims this could add complications for an employer, possibly leading to complex and unnecessary lawsuits.

Florida is a diverse state, and many say that its workplace protection laws are severely outdated. Sixty-four legislators have signed the proposed bill, and supporters of the bill say that it can make the state a more popular place for smart, innovative and important employees. Major employers in the state, including Disney, have expressed concern for the bill.

Workplace discrimination could be grounds for legal action. If a Florida worker experiences unfair treatment in the workplace, it may be appropriate to seek recourse through a civil claim. Before moving forward with this, it makes sense to first seek an assessment of the case with an experienced employment law attorney.

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