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These signs may indicate gender discrimination in your workplace

Women have faced inequality in the workplace for decades. And although the wage gap may be growing narrower in some industries, many female employees still face unfair conditions at work solely because of their gender.


How can I identify gender bias?

Gender discrimination can come in many different forms. If you have a feeling that you receive different and unequal treatment in your workplace, here are some red flags that may signal you’re right:

  • Facing harsher evaluation from your boss compared to your male coworkers
  • Having a smaller salary than a male worker who has the same job duties as you
  • Seeing a promotion or raise go to a male employee when you were just as or more qualified
  • Enduring derogatory names or insults based on your gender
  • Facing discipline for something that men do all the time but never receive punishment for
  • Proposing an idea, only for a male coworker to repeat your idea and get recognition for it
  • Receiving a diminished workload

The consequences of gender discrimination

Being a victim of gender bias in the workplace can cause issues for you and your coworkers. Not taking action allows the discrimination to continue and affect other peoples’ lives. You may experience lost wages if the discrimination prevents you from coming into work. It can also take a toll on your mental and emotional health and stand in the way of your personal and professional growth and success.

What can I do?

Know that gender discrimination in the workplace is not only offensive and frustrating, but also illegal. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prevents employers from discriminating against their employees based on gender, race, religion or national origin.

Thus, you have rights when it comes to discrimination against you in the workplace based on your gender. If you are on the receiving end of blatant and persistent gender bias, don’t hesitate to take action.

It’s important to speak out and talk to your coworkers about your negative workplace experiences. Even confronting your boss about their behavior towards you could bring the matter to their attention for the first time. If the behavior continues, you can file a report to Human Resources or a government agency.

If filing a report does nothing to change the behavior of your coworkers or boss, you have a right to take legal action against the responsible party. Discrimination in the workplace is never acceptable, and you have a right to protect yourself and seek a comfortable, inclusive and equal work environment.

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