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Potential bill would eliminate workplace discrimination over hair

How a person's hair looks has no bearing on one's ability to do a job and perform the duties of employment adequately. However, Florida employers can still prohibit certain types of hairstyles in the workplace. A newly proposed law could put an end to that, eliminating workplace discrimination against people who wear their hair in certain ways. 

The prohibition of certain hairstyles is often considered race-oriented discrimination. The legislation would allow people to wear their natural hair, twists, braids and dreadlocks without prohibition from the employer. The senator who proposed this bill said that employees should be able to wear their hair as they choose and that workplaces should be respectful and open to the choices of others.

Discrimination in any form is reprehensible and unacceptable. In the workplace, no person should face discriminatory treatment or exclusion because of his or her race. Hopefully, this proposed legislation will make workplaces in Florida better and lower the chance that an employer will act unfairly. In the event that discrimination takes place, an employee has the right hold the employer accountable and move forward with a civil claim.

If a worker believes he or she has grounds to pursue a claim against the employer, it may be useful to first discuss this possibility with an experienced attorney. Workplace discrimination is serious, and an employee does not have to deal with it on his or her own. Whether it's because of hair or another factor related to race, a person has the right to speak up and take action when treated unfairly at work.

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