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Workplace discrimination reporting mishandled by Google

Google is one the most successful and largest tech companies in the world. It is a leader in its field and industry, and it should be a leader in the way it treats its workers, but unfortunately, that may not the case. Some employees allege that the company mistreated them after they filed complaints of workplace discrimination and harassment. If this is true, it is unacceptable.

Each person has the right to report any form of discrimination or harassment they experience in a Florida workplace. Just last year, Google faced backlash over the way the company handled this issue, and people are now saying that the company has done no better over the last few months. Some even allege that the company stalled and stymied their careers in response to their reporting. If this is true, this is a form of retaliation. 

Retaliation for filing complaints about mistreatment in the workplace is illegal. These workers claim that after they reported the mistreatment, the company demoted them, forced them out of their jobs or had them placed with less desirable or suitable projects. One woman claims that she was denied a promotion because her supervisor told her that she was too emotional.

If these allegations are proved, Google is guilty of mishandling serious problems among its staff, failing to deal with complaints about hostile work environments and retaliation. Workplace discrimination is illegal, as is retaliating against a person for reporting it. Victims of these types of treatment in Florida workplaces have the right to pursue take legal action and seek damages from their employers. 

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