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Retaliation: Dismissal of Roger Ailes not the typical result

Recently, former news anchor Gretchen Carlson received a $20 million settlement with Fox News along with an apology; moreover, Fox CEO, Roger Ailes, the man who caused her dismissal, resigned. The result of this employment law dispute is far from typical. One commentator noted that governments and private corporations nationwide, including in Florida, seldom punish managers who mistreat employees. Retaliation has apparently overtaken race discrimination as the most prevalent claim filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Sadly, a significant number of workers stay in jobs in which they are victims of bullying and retaliation because they need the money. Retaliation accounts for nearly half of all EEOC complaints and often involves whistleblowing workers or those who file complaints about discrimination. Even employees participating in investigations related to employment discrimination are sometimes bullied. Firing, demoting, harassing or any other form of retaliation against employees are illegal labor practices.

An EEOC attorney says those inclined to retaliate can be incredibly creative because they want to disguise their intentions. Typical tactics include bad evaluations, demotions, assigning undesirable tasks and, in many cases, alienating colleagues. It is suggested that victims of such actions save printed copies of nasty emails, keep notes and save anything that can document claims of retaliation.

It is never easy to work under demeaning circumstances caused by discrimination or retaliation. Victims of labor law violations are entitled to pursue claims seeking full accountability from those believed responsible. In Florida, a seasoned employment law attorney can help navigate a claim at the state or federal level. Economic damages and lost benefits and opportunities may be awarded in a successfully presented case.

Source:, "Advice For Dealing With Workplace Retaliation: Save Those Nasty Emails", Yuki Noguchi, Sept. 14, 2016

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