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July 2016 Archives

What constitutes retaliatory discharge?

When employers in Florida take any kind of action against employees who filed complaints about their workers' rights, they may end up facing lawsuits that can cost their companies lots of money. It is not uncommon for retaliatory discharge or any other retaliation to lead to claims against company owners and supervisory staff members. Employees have the right to take legal action against businesses that do not have the proper procedures in place to prevent such action.  

There are remedies against wage and hour law violations

A Florida employer who fails or refuses to pay an employee for extra hours worked may regard the amount of money for a few overtime hours per week as insignificant. However, for the employee who is struggling financially, every bit of extra income can be vital. Fortunately, there is a wage and hour law in place that protects workers against being exploited.

Pottery company faces racial discrimination lawsuit

Workers in Florida may land in the employ of a company at which all employees are not treated equally. Discrimination comes in many forms, one of which is ethnic or racial discrimination. While some employers obviously avoid appointing people of certain races, others are much more subtle in their discrimination. However, such treatment should not be endured as it is strictly prohibited by several state and federal laws.

Restaurant must pay $141,544 for unpaid overtime

Workers in Florida and other states may be done in by their employers if they have to work at multiple locations. After the U.S. Department of Labor recently found that a restaurant in another state failed to accurately calculate the hours worked by employees, the owner reached a settlement agreement. A total amount of $141,544 in unpaid overtime remuneration and damages will be paid to 11 workers. Because it was deemed to have committed a civil violation, the restaurant will also be liable to pay $2,805 in civil penalties.

Worker accuses former employer of race discrimination

Nationwide, including in Florida, it is against the law to treat one employee differently or less favorably than another based on a range of aspects. These include a worker's immigration status, national origin, descent, color or race. Federal and state laws prohibit such practices, and workers can take action against employers who allow race discrimination in their businesses.

TV commentator alleges sexual harassment by Fox CEO

There are various types of workplace discrimination to which Florida employees can be subjected. Sexual harassment is one kind of treatment that involves unwelcome behavior with a sexual connotation. Unfortunately, despite the changing of workplace environments to accommodate both men and women across all industries, it is not uncommon for a supervisor to demand a sexual relationship in exchange for a promotion or other favorable treatment.

Whistleblower claims: Midas facing retaliation lawsuit

Employers are not allowed to retaliate against employees who report unethical or illegal acts or unsafe workplace environments. Florida has laws in place to protect workers against retaliation. However, whistleblower claims are frequently filed by workers who exercised their rights only to find themselves without jobs.

Employment discrimination allegations made against Google

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says 43 was the median age for computer programmers in 2015. These are nationwide statistics that include Florida. In contrast, it has been said that, in 2013, the median age of Google employees was 29. This information relates to an employment discrimination lawsuit that was filed against Google last year, alleging age discrimination.

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