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March 2016 Archives

Employee sues company alleging retaliatory discharge

While most employees in Florida likely strive to perform their jobs in a manner that will satisfy their employers and ensure employment with potential promotions, expectations of bosses are sometimes unreasonable or unrealistic. Unfortunately, some business owners or supervisors retaliate when challenged by employees. A former employee of a business in another state filed a lawsuit alleging retaliatory discharge.

Former city employee alleges workplace discrimination in lawsuit

Employees in Florida have certain rights and are entitled to make sure those rights are protected -- even if that means taking legal action. Workplace discrimination in any form is unacceptable. A city in another state is being sued by a former employee who alleges she was terminated after reporting harassment and discrimination. She claims that her employers violated the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and her state's Human Relations Act.

Working through lunch is compensable under wage and hour law

It is not uncommon for Florida employees to willingly continue working through their lunch breaks. They may not be aware that they are entitled to payment for those periods. Even if a person has a quick bite at his or her desk while working, the wage and hour law requires companies to include off-the-clock hours in the worker's remuneration.

Wrongful termination alleged by worker with 20 years' experience

Florida workers have the right to safe workplace environments. Unfortunately, some business owners disregard those rights and also refuse to address safety issues that are reported by employees. In fact, it is not uncommon for employers to retaliate when injuries are reported and benefits claims are filed with the workers' compensation insurance fund. A lawsuit was recently filed in another state against a recycling company, alleging wrongful termination.

Teacher's aide, 77, fired after reporting age related harassment

Many Florida residents choose to continue working past retirement age -- not because they need the money but because they love their jobs. Unfortunately, some younger employees often resort to harassment to try and force older employees resign and free up their positions. A school district in another state is facing a lawsuit that was filed by a 77-year-old teacher's aide.

Company sued after firing lesbian worker who reported harassment

Florida employers must ensure that their companies have well-publicized workplace policies and appropriate complaint structures along with proper monitoring and enforcement mechanisms. Employers need to make sure that no workplace discrimination or harassment takes place, and if such incidents are reported, appropriate action must be taken. Sadly, victims of workplace harassment are often terminated when they file complaints.

5-star luxury hotel faces accusations of workplace discrimination

Companies in Florida and elsewhere should never use the legally protected statuses of their workers as a reason to mistreat or fire them. Employees who believe that they have lost their jobs for that reason may be justified in filing workplace discrimination claims against their employers. A woman who worked for the luxury Hotel Plaza Athénée outside the state alleges that her age and her religion were the motivating factors in her dismissal and has filed her claim against the hotel in a supreme court.

Hooters faces sexual harassment charges from 2 male workers

Many Florida readers may frequent Hooters when they are in the mood for some wings, but, apparently in some instances, the treatment of the employees is not as good as the food. Two male employees of the restaurant who worked outside the state have filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in a superior court against the company and their former manager. The men claim that they were the victims of physical and emotional abuse and are looking to the court to right the injustices against them.

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