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January 2016 Archives

Workers claims retaliation for reporting unsanitary conditions

Two Florida restaurants, Versailles and Bird Road La Carreta , as well as their owners individually are facing a lawsuit from a former employee. According to the complaint, the plaintiff noticed unsanitary and safety conditions as well as unspecified illegal conduct and reported it to his supervisors. However, he claims that his concerns only led to retaliation. He alleges that the Cuban restaurants maintained kitchen and food preparation areas that were dirty and that foreign substances were found in the food.

A random drug test results in an employment discrimination claim

Florida readers may be familiar with The Ziegenfelder Company which is well known for its cold confection treats. A former employee of the company alleges that working there was not quite as sweet as the company's products and has filed a wrongful termination claim in a state court. He alleges that after failing a drug test while on medication and later proving he was clean, he lost his job anyways due to employment discrimination based on his age.

Mob Wives dentist accused of sexual harassment by ex hygienist

Most Florida employers know how to joke with their employees in an appropriate manner that makes them smile and does not cause them discomfort. An out-of-state woman who worked at a dental office alleges that she was forced to leave her job after about two years because her boss victimized her. She has filed a sexual harassment case in a Superior Court in the hopes that she will soon be able to find work again and seek justice for his actions.

Transgender worker's employment discrimination case goes to trial

Employers in Florida and elsewhere should be very familiar with how to treat their workers fairly, but unfortunately, some are still mistreated based on their legally protected statuses. An out-of-state transgender auto mechanic is finally making headway in her six-year long legal battle against employment discrimination. The lower court opinion on her federal court case was recently reversed after the U.S. Court of Appeals determined that there was sufficient evidence for a trial.

Woman suffering with chronic pain alleges wrongful termination

Chronic pain is a disability that affects millions of people in Florida and across the United States. Many employees are still forced to work even when they are faced with dealing with the pain. However, employees should not be fired or otherwise mistreated because they are disabled. A former employee for a recycling company in another state claims that she was the victim of a wrongful termination because of her disability and has filed her claim in a federal court.

Construction workers attempt to claim unpaid overtime wages

A group of laborers are accusing Primary Structures and restaurateur Frank Chivas of conspiring to commit wage theft. The plaintiffs claim that the two companies worked in conjunction to cheat them out of overtime pay and have turned to the court system for redress. The unpaid overtime complaint against the defendants has been filed in a federal court in Florida.

Teacher claims retaliation after reporting exploitation of TAs

Florida readers may be interested in a lawsuit has recently been filed in a Superior Court against an out-of-state college as well as one of its staff members. The complaint was brought forth by a former lecturer at Amherst College who claims that her co-worker was exploiting teaching assistants to increase the number of students who took Spanish. After she reported the suspected wrongdoing, she claims the school fired her in retaliation.

Pizza Hut accused of workplace discrimination by 2 older servers

Pizza Hut is a household name to many Florida individuals, but their opinion of the food chain may change after learning of recent accusations leveled against the restaurant in a federal court. Two former employees who worked for the restaurant chain in another state are accusing it of workplace discrimination based on their age. They claim that they were forced into a dangerous situation so the company could have an excuse to fire them.

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