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September 2015 Archives

An invoicing error allegedly causes a wrongful termination claim

After a Florida flood plan manager discovered a memo with a significant mathematical error, he never imagined that the situation would lead to him being fired. The man has filed a wrongful termination claim for what he perceived to be retaliation. His discovery was so far reaching that it resulted in the State Attorney's Office conducting an investigation and the information being taken to a grand jury.

Armani accused of workplace discrimination by ex-general counsel

Many Florida readers may be aware of the Armani high-fashion clothing line. Behind the scenes, an employee claims that he was treated poorly and then fired because of his national origin and his disability. He is bringing his $75 million workplace discrimination case before a Supreme Court to try to right the wrongs against him.

Ex-Royal Flush employee files a lawsuit for unpaid overtime

When Florida residents are at large public events or are working at construction sites, they do not think twice about who has to clean up the portable restrooms after everything is over. It is definitely a job that most workers would not want to do, but those who do expect to be paid for all of their hard -- and sometimes dirty -- work. A man who worked for Royal Flush has filed a federal lawsuit in the hopes to collect his unpaid overtime.

Gravity4 CEO accused of sexual harassment by founding employee

Many Florida readers may be familiar with young entrepreneur Gurbaksh Chahal, founder of tech company Gravity4. The CEO is now being sued by one of his first employees for sexual harassment. When the plaintiff was enticed to come onboard as a designer with a promise of 1% stock option and help with his immigration status, he thought that he was making a good decision.

Thinking about blowing the whistle? Here's what you should know

Have you ever wondered what to do when something illegal happens at work? The Amlong Firm recently released a SlideShare presentation to help you learn how the law can protect you if you take a stand against illegal activity at work.

Woman claims her religious accommodation was revoked by airline

Many passengers in Florida and elsewhere may enjoy an alcoholic beverage while they are on a flight. Serving beverages was recently a problem for a flight attendant who works at ExpressJet in another state. She claims she was subjected to religious discrimination because of her Islamic beliefs.

Moreno Farms accused of sexual harassment by migrant workers

Across the country, many cases of rape and sexual harassment go on among migrant workers that are never reported because of fear. A group of five female migrant workers in Florida who worked at Moreno Farms spoke up, alleging that they were the victims of sexual harassment. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a complaint on their behalf in a federal court.

Walt Disney World accused of employment discrimination

Many from Florida and around the world travel to Walt Disney World (Disney) for a family vacation. The company is notorious for stellar customer service and dedicated employees. One worker, however, is currently in the midst of an employment discrimination claim against the theme park.

Fort Pierce former officer wins $510k for sexual harassment claim

One of the female police officers of the Fort Pierce Police Department in Florida alleges that her work environment was so stressful that she was forced to quit. She claims that she was the victim of sexual harassment for years and also suffered discrimination because of her gender. Her claim against the department was heard by a jury in a federal court.

Ex custodian alleges her sexual harassment claims were ignored

Allegations of sexual harassment in Florida and elsewhere should always be taken seriously and handled in a timely fashion. A woman who worked at an elementary school in another state said that she faced regular sexual harassment on the job, but her complaints were ignored. She has now taken her complaint to a Superior Court against the school district.

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