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Math teacher claims firing was based on workplace discrimination

In most workplaces, employees are encouraged to get along to create a positive work environment. A former school teacher from Florida alleges that fraternizing with her peers led to her losing her job. She believes that the company fired her as an act of workplace discrimination.

The plaintiff was hired by the school district as a math teacher. She spent time with her fellow co-workers, including those who were African American. Her classroom was referred to as a dance club because of the music she played in her classroom, which the administration said appealed to a black audience. Her personal associations apparently upset the principal and assistant principal when it was discovered that her then boyfriend (now husband) was black. The teacher alleges that when the administration noticed that she spent a significant amount of time with her non-white peers, she began to be treated differently.

The faculty allegedly put on a performance that was degrading to black people. She claims that the white faculty dressed themselves in outlandish clothing, including gold teeth and Afro wigs. The plaintiff also maintains that her performance reviews were adjusted to look less favorable.

Ultimately, the plaintiff was allegedly told that there were budget cuts and the school could no longer keep her, but that reasoning appeared false because of the lack of math teachers. The woman believes that she was subjected to workplace discrimination and was terminated unlawfully. An investigation was conducted by the Florida Commission on Human Rights, and it was concluded that there was reason to believe that the plaintiff received unfair treatment. The school district denies all of the accusations. In her complaint, the former teacher is hoping that a jury will award her monetary damages for the mental stress that she endured during her ordeal.

Source:, "Former Orange County teacher sues for discrimination", Matt Grant, Aug. 27, 2015

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