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August 2015 Archives

Math teacher claims firing was based on workplace discrimination

In most workplaces, employees are encouraged to get along to create a positive work environment. A former school teacher from Florida alleges that fraternizing with her peers led to her losing her job. She believes that the company fired her as an act of workplace discrimination.

Sexual harassment complaint against Hufcor ends in $120K judgment

It takes a lot of strength and courage for people who endure sexual harassment to come forward. Some workers in Florida may fear there will be repercussions for reporting the sexual harassment or that their complaints will fall on deaf ears. If repeated attempts to stop the misconduct are being ignored or fail, the legal system may be required to settle the matter.

Cabaret Bliss race discrimination claim results in 365K judgment

Although the Civil Rights Act has been enacted since 1964, discrimination against protected statuses still occurs. Some employers may believe that they will not get caught and commit acts that contradict the law. A former employee of the Bliss Cabaret adult entertainment club in Florida believes that he lost job because of his race.

Amtrak accused of workplace discrimination by a man with epilepsy

Millions of people in Florida and elsewhere are faced with health conditions such as epilepsy. Those who have successfully been treated and have their doctor's permission to be able to work should not be prevented from having a job for which they are qualified based on preconceived notions about their disabilities. Even though the Americans with Disabilities Act should prohibit workplace discrimination against the disabled, violations can still occur.

Female Toy Quest worker accuses company of sexual harassment

An uncomfortable work environment that consistently involves harassment can make the life of employees in Florida and elsewhere potentially unbearable. Dealing with the stress of inappropriate remarks, gestures and the like can also cause employees to lose focus and be unable to perform their jobs effectively. Sexual harassment and other types of hostile work environments should never simply be accepted as commonplace, and it is the right of affected workers to speak out.

Paramedic wins employment discrimination claim

Many Florida residents are helped by local paramedics when circumstances warrant. A female paramedic from another state claims that she was the victim of employment discrimination due to her medical condition. The plaintiff was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was 12 years old. In 2009, she was hired by a fire department as a reserve paramedic and later became a full-time employee. She claims that that her employer was aware of her condition when she applied for the position but still hired her anyways.

Domino's Pizza manager accused of sexual harassment by workers

Many Florida residents who turn to Domino's for their pizza fix may be upset by allegations made by some of the restaurant chain's female employees in another state. The women claim they were the victims of sexual harassment, beginning shortly after one of the women was hired. One of the plaintiffs, a delivery driver, asserts that her manager made statements about hiring women based on how attractive they appeared on their Facebook profiles. She is said to have reported these comments to the restaurant's general manager.

A religious discrimination lawsuit against Muslims heads to trial

Many employees in Florida and elsewhere observe sincerely held religious times of worship and other observances. In most cases, these beliefs require a reasonable accommodation by the employers. Unfortunately, not all employers abide by state and federal laws and discriminate against workers because of their religious beliefs.

Woman claims she was mistreated and fired due to her pregnancy

Some Florida readers may be aware of Pizzo Contracting in another state that is also known by the name of Carl's Fencing, Decking and Home Improvements. The husband and wife who own the company are being taken to court for allegedly discriminating against a pregnant employee. The woman believes she was subjected to mistreatment and retaliation as well as being terminated due to her pregnancy.

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