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July 2015 Archives

Construction workers file a complaint for alleged unpaid overtime

Working additional hours is a great way for Florida workers to earn more money for themselves and their families. Many people count on working overtime hours because they are typically paid at a higher hourly wage. Companies who deny their workers this additional money can create unnecessary financial difficulties upon the families who are counting on the boost in income. They also may be in violation of federal wage and hour laws. Some employees may find it necessary to turn to the court system to help grant them the unpaid overtime they believe to have earned.

Woman wins over $300k for her pregnancy discrimination lawsuit

In most instances, working pregnant women will require reasonable accommodations so that they can continue to perform their jobs. The Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978 as well as well as the Civil Rights Act of 1963 were enacted, in part, to prevent mistreatment of women in Florida and elsewhere. According to the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission, pregnancy discrimination claims have rise by 45 percent from 1997 through 2011. A recent case only adds to those numbers.

Apple faces $5M in unpaid overtime wages in class action lawsuit

Readers in Florida may be familiar with a case from 2013 against Apple by some of its workers that was dismissed. A U.S. District Court judge has since brought back the class action lawsuit against the tech mogul, which encompasses 12,400 current and former employees. The two main plaintiffs allege that the company owes the workers for unpaid overtime for which they were not compensated for daily bag searches.

80 American Airline workers claim workplace discrimination

Many Florida residents who love to fly are very familiar with American Airlines and look to the company for safe travel to their destinations. According to some employees, the airline is not always looking out for the best interests and safety of its customers. It is also apparently mistreating some of its workers who have requested that a workplace discrimination and safety violation investigation be conducted.

700+ paramedics are awarded a total of $3.7M for unpaid wages

There are several different ways in which employees can be paid incorrectly. In most instances, the Florida employees are shorted overtime or not given the appropriate minimum hourly wage. Sometimes it is also the overtime hourly rate calculation that can cause pay checks to be incorrect and potentially lead to unpaid wages claims.

Transgender worker files employment discrimination claim

Most transgender people wish to go through the transition process quietly, and they expect that their workplace environment will not change. A Florida transgender woman who was employed by Starwood Resorts claims that her transition subjected her to employment discrimination and mistreatment. She is hoping that her case will help other transgender people realize that the law can protect them from illegal behavior.

Obama's proposed changes to wage and hour law

President Obama recently proposed changes to federal regulations that could bring positive changes for many American workers. The proposed changes to wage and hour law would mean that 4.7 million workers would be eligible for overtime. Salaried, white-collar workers have seen their pay levels decrease, even though many are working longer hours. 

Recent findings show employment discrimination still a problem

It has been just over 50 years since the creation of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Looking back, there has been an incredible amount of progress made on the front of reducing racial discrimination throughout workplaces ever since the EEOC was implemented on July 2, 1965. However much progress has been made, though, there are still many workers that remain the victims of employment discrimination as well as subtle practices that effectively limit their opportunities in Florida as well as across the nation.

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