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June 2015 Archives

Woman claims company retaliated against her for taking FMLA leave

Many workers turn to the Family Medical Leave Act when they are having difficulties. Those who need time the time off in accordance with FMLA laws expect that they will not be treated any differently upon their return. Florida workers who use this benefit and are given disparate treatment may turn to the law for help.

Florida deputy alleges he is owed unpaid overtime wages

When employees perform work-related activities, they expect to be compensated. This includes travel time and other miscellaneous time that is spent doing functions related to a job, all in accordance with state and federal wage and hour laws. If Florida employees are not properly compensated for all of the work that they do, they may look to the law to pursue a claim for unpaid overtime and other wages.

EEOC fights race discrimination battle for former county employee

A lawsuit was recently filed by a government employee in Florida claiming workplace discrimination. The woman claims that, despite taking several steps to end verbal abuse by a colleague, no action was taken to end the race discrimination. This gave rise to her ultimate complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, who filed a lawsuit on her behalf.

Man claims wrongful termination followed workers' comp claim

It is not uncommon for employers to retaliate when injured workers file workers' compensation claims. To protect employees from such retaliation and potential wrongful termination, many states, including Florida, allow workers to take legal action by filing retaliatory discharge claims against employers. All employees have the right to pursue compensation from the workers' compensation insurance fund.

Designer Tahari involved in a $12M sexual harassment lawsuit

There is a level of decorum that should always be upheld in the workplace. Many consumers in Florida and across the globe who are familiar with the Tahari clothing line may be dismayed to hear about the recent accusations made against the designer. A claim by one of his fashion consultants is the second sexual harassment case filed against him in two months.

Exempt worker attempts to collect her unpaid wages from overtime

Many people do not take the time to look into whether they are being paid correctly. Florida workers may be missing out on unpaid wages associated with overtime every day and not even realize it. One woman from another state claims that she she was not compensated properly for the hours that she worked. She asserts that she should have been paid overtime.

Former employee accuses Tyler Perry of sexual harassment

Working for celebrities may be considered a glamorous job, but behind the scenes things are not always what they seem. Sometimes the employees who work for them in Florida and elsewhere may be afraid to come forward about the way in which they are treated for fear of being humiliated publicly or being fired. Being exposed to sexual harassment in the workplace is never acceptable, and it can take a lot of courage to speak out and bring the offenders to justice.

Pregnant woman alleges workplace discrimination after firing

Although protections are in place to protect women who want to continue to work while pregnant, many companies believe that they are above the law and do not adhere to regulations. Each year, approximately 250,000 working pregnant women are denied their rights to reasonable accommodations, which ultimately can force them to work through the risks unsafely, go onto unpaid leaves early or lose their jobs all together. Women in Florida and elsewhere who are victimized for their pregnancies can look to the law to fight back against workplace discrimination.

Sexual harassment claim by 3 women took too long for justice

Reporting unwanted behavior in the workplace requires a lot of courage. Once the sexual harassment has been brought forward, it is expected that the situation will be handled in a timely fashion. However, some companies in Florida and elsewhere may not take the allegations seriously and may take an unacceptably long time disciplining the offending party.

City accused of wage and hour law violations on overtime pay

Sometimes calculating overtime is not always black and white. In some industries, other factors are taken into account when determining the rate at which overtime is paid. If these calculations are done incorrectly and the errors are not remedied, Florida workers may feel that the company is violating a wage and hour law.

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