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Woman alleges a wrongful termination after being hurt on the job

Even with all of the safety information in place, employees still can be hurt on the job. Florida workers who file workers' compensation claims should not need to worry about retaliation for doing so. Employees who suffer a wrongful termination or an adverse work environment after filing such a claim have the right to turn to the legal system to rectify the situation.

A woman who worked at a gas station as a cashier in another state claims she was retaliated against after suffered an injury. The plaintiff injured her knee and filed a workers' compensation claim. After her recovery, she came back to work with all of her medical documentation, and everything at work seemed to be the way it was before she was hurt.

Prior to her injury, the plaintiff was promoted to assistant manager. When she returned, she noticed that she was not given as many hours as she had in the past. Furthermore, she alleges that she was harassed and given unjustified discipline for small things that she had done incorrectly. She asserts that she had a text conversation with her district manager and was later fired for texting on the job although other employees who were texting were not disciplined.

The woman is accusing the company of a wrongful termination. She believes that the real reason for her being let go was because she had filed a workers' compensation claim. In her claim, she is asking a civil court to award her more than $50,000 in damages, legal fees and her lost income and benefits. Florida workers in similar situations may choose to file legal claims for any allegedly illegal actions taken by employers, such as a wrongful termination. Those who win their cases may be compensated for being subjected to such illegal practices.

Source:, "Cashier accuses employer of wrongful termination following work comp claim", April 13, 2015

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