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April 2015 Archives

Woman alleges a wrongful termination after being hurt on the job

Even with all of the safety information in place, employees still can be hurt on the job. Florida workers who file workers' compensation claims should not need to worry about retaliation for doing so. Employees who suffer a wrongful termination or an adverse work environment after filing such a claim have the right to turn to the legal system to rectify the situation.

Google accused of employment discrimination based on age

Technology is a competitive industry and people of various ages can be qualified to perform the essential functions of those jobs. A Florida man claims that when he applied to work at Google he was turned down based on employment discrimination due his age. Data compiled on the company demonstrated that from 2007 to 2013, the company grew exponentially, yet the average age of the its workers was only 29 as compared to the average technology worker across the United States being 43.

Adult club accused of not paying minimum wage to exotic dancer

According to state and federal employment guidelines, employees must be paid at least the minimum hourly wage. This allows workers in Florida and elsewhere to be entitled to earn a wage that allows them to provide for their families. Companies that are not paying minimum wage may think that they can get away with it, though they will likely discover that the law does not permit such wrongful behavior.

Ex-server wins ethnic discrimination lawsuit over her hair color

There are many reasons for which employees can be fired that are completely legal under state and federal laws. However, there are other reasons employers could give that could be classified as ethnic discrimination if certain employees are being treated differently than others. Patrons of Hooters restaurants in Florida and elsewhere may be shocked to hear that the company terminated one of its employees because of the color of her hair.

Walmart accused of denying assistant store managers overtime pay

Walmart is in the headlines again with claims that its workers are not being paid properly. Shoppers in Florida and across the country may be surprised to hear the way in which the retail giant is allegedly treating its employees. Depending on a worker's classification, they may be salaried and exempt from overtime, but the type of work they do must be consistent with that title according to state and federal employment laws. When those rules are broken and employees are not receiving the overtime they feel they deserve, they may need to combat the company to get paid.

Former CBS reporter claims he was the victim of sexual harassment

Harassment in the workplace is not defined by gender. Both men and women in Florida and across the country can become victims of sexual harassment. Recently, a former reporter for CBS claims he was subjected to a hostile work environment. The plaintiff started at CBS as a freelancer and then proceeded to have a successful career that soon had him handling high-profile assignments. Although his career was flourishing, the man claims he was enduring sexual harassment from his male co-workers.

Poor payroll records lead to an unpaid overtime and wages suit

In order to account for all of the time employees work, they are typically required to punch a clock or the company must have some other method of timekeeping in place. Hourly workers should not be offered a flat rate which does not take into account the actual number of hours they work, including those that would be considered overtime.  It is illegal for employers in Florida and elsewhere to not keep accurate time records, which could result in unpaid overtime and lost wages.

Man claims discrimination after being denied his service dog

Assimilating back to civilian life after serving our country is not always easy. Some doctors recommend that veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can benefit from having a service animal with them at work. These animals could be considered a reasonable accommodation if they do not impose a hardship on the business. Workers in Florida who feel that they are being denied assistance because of their disability may believe that they are the victims of discrimination.

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