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Former Florida coach pursues wrongful termination case

When an employee is under contract, that individual is expected to perform the specified duties for the duration of that contract. Similarly, employers are expected to uphold their sides of employment contracts when it comes to pay, duration of employment and other terms. If one party does not adhere to the terms of the contract, there could potentially be reason to file a wrongful termination claim.

A former coach in Florida is currently pursuing such a case after he was terminated from his position as a football coach at Florida A&M. The man was under contract for the position, and the contract's terms were for four years of employment. Those four years had not passed when the coach was let go. There were also terms in the contract that indicated conditions under which the coach could be fired, but none of those conditions were a reason behind his termination.

At this time, the coach is hoping to be awarded compensation for the additional years that he should have been able to work under the terms of the contract. Those terms indicated that the man would receive $200,000 a year, and there were apparently two years left on his contract. The former coach stated that he hopes the lawsuit can bring closure to his situation.

Situations where employment contracts are not honored can be difficult for the parties involved. Some individuals may feel conflicted over taking legal action, but because contracts are legally binding, filing a claim may be a logical step, especially in cases of wrongful termination. As the former Florida coach's case proceeds, he may want to gather additional information on employment contracts and wrongful termination that may come in handy.

Source:, "Earl Holmes files civil lawsuit against FAMU", Jordan Culver, Jan. 27, 2015

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