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January 2015 Archives

Phillip Phillips contract disputes may interest Florida workers

When an individual finally has the opportunity to have his or her dream job, the excitement may be insurmountable. In some cases, the excitement and desire to have the job may lead to the person signing a contract with terms that he or she is not entirely comfortable. In these cases, a Florida worker may eventually feel as if he or she can no longer work under the terms, and contract disputes may arise.

Misclassified employees led to investigation in Florida

When a company utilizes independent contractors to carry out certain duties, that company often does not have many of the same financial responsibilities that companies with employees have, especially when it comes to certain taxes. As a result, some companies with independent contractors may have more expendable funds than other companies. However, misclassified employees could result in negative consequences.

Florida teachers in favor of new employment contracts

When a contract expires, the ensuing negotiations can be a stressful time for those who will be affected. Employees may hope that they receive terms that are beneficial to them, and employers may hope that they are still able to operate under terms with which they feel comfortable. Employment contracts can sometimes take an extended period of time to be agreed upon, and legal knowledge of contract agreements may be helpful in some situations.

Pregnancy should not lead to employment discrimination in Florida

For many Florida women, becoming pregnant does not necessarily mean that they want to give up their jobs. However, because pregnancies can sometimes become complicated or require mothers-to-be to make certain accommodations during their workdays, working may become more difficult. If accommodations can be made, many women are happy to continue working under the restrictions. Unfortunately, some pregnant workers could become the victims of employment discrimination.

Retaliation should not be outcome of sexual harassment complaints

When a Florida resident is in a situation that makes him or her uncomfortable, one of the first reactions to have may be to complain about the situation. Some parties may complain without thought of negative repercussions, but workers who are subjected to sexual harassment on the job may fear that complaining could put their jobs at risk. However, the loss of a job due to a harassment claim should not be tolerated, and individuals may wish to take legal steps.

Wage and hour law changes come to Florida

For many workers across the country, working for minimum wage only allows them to scrape by when it comes to purchasing everyday necessities. In some situations, workers may be even more negatively affected if employers do not properly compensate them for their hours worked. Wage and hour law specifications are put in place to help ensure that workers are able to earn their pay and not suffer unnecessarily due to unpaid wages.

Wrongful termination case may interest Florida workers

When Florida residents are terminated from employment positions, they often wonder why they are being let go. In many cases, the employee is given a valid reason and the situation is accepted. However, there are also cases of wrongful termination in which a worker is fired as a retaliatory, discriminatory or otherwise inappropriate act. These cases can become more complicated.

Ex-employee sues for workplace discrimination, wins

The Americans with Disabilities Act has made the work environment a safer and fairer place for disabled employees. Some people in Florida may not know that the ADA can even apply to employees who are caring for a disabled loved one and not just disabled workers. Unfortunately, what this means is that some caretakers suffer workplace discrimination simply for taking care of a family member.

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