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Gender discrimination should not occur in Florida workplaces

When Florida employees begin working at a job, it is likely that they have supervisors and coworkers with whom they must interact and work. If one of these other individuals does not work cooperatively with an employee, the employee could have a more difficult time performing his or her work duties. In some cases, difficulties could arise because a person is uncomfortable with another person's gender, and as a result, a situation of gender discrimination could arise.

A former staff member for a congressman from another state recently filed a lawsuit due to such discrimination. She claims that the congressman would avoid her and seemed "awkward" around her, which made carrying out her necessary workplace tasks difficult. She was later informed by the congressman's executive assistant that the man had admitted to be sexually attracted to the worker and discussed fantasies that he had had about her.

The situation led to the female worker facing a difficult workplace environment as the congressman attempted to determine whether she was interested in him sexually. She also claimed to have faced hostile actions from the chief of staff due to her gender. She voiced complaints about the hostility, and soon after her complaints, she was terminated from her position.

When a hostile work environment is created due to a person's gender, the situation can seem substantially unfair. Gender discrimination has no place on the job, and workers should not fear that they will be terminated for expressing concerns about hostility, sexual harassment and other discriminatory actions. If a Florida worker has been put in such a situation, he or she may wish to determine whether pursuing legal action of his or her own could be a plausible step.

Source:, "Former Staffer Lawsuit Accuses Congressman of Hitting on Her, Generally Being a Total Creep", Elliot Hannon, Dec. 16, 2014

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