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Florida workers should not fear retaliation for complaints

When a situation in the workplace makes a Florida employee uncomfortable, that individual should have the ability to report the event. Supervisors and other superiors should assess the complaint and take any necessary action to remedy the state of affairs. If the employee who filed the complaint is punished in some way, such an action may be considered retaliation, and the worker may want to take note of how he or she could handle the situation.

A worker in another state recently took legal action after being terminated from his position. It was reported that the man had filed a complaint with the human resources department at his place of employment after a supervisor used racist language. However, the supervisor reportedly continued to use the offensive language even after complaints by other employees.

The supervisor then confronted the man, and the worker stated that the supervisor began citing him for unnecessary workplace offenses. The worker was later terminated from his position, which he believes was retaliation for filing his complaints. The man stated that he went extended periods of time without employment after his termination, and he is currently seeking back pay, attorney fees and other damages in his lawsuit.

Florida workers should not have to fear retaliation for reporting inappropriate conduct in the workplace. Unfortunately, workers may be put into situations in which their work performance is negatively looked upon simply due to filing a report. These types of situations can be hurtful to workers, and if an individual is terminated or otherwise negatively affected due to retaliation, he or she may wish to consider seeking compensation through legal action.

Source:, "Man says his firing was retaliatory", Annie Cosby, Dec. 22, 2014

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