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December 2014 Archives

Florida workers picket as airline contract disputes continue

Many employers utilize contracts in order for all sides involved to understand what is expected of them. In many cases, contracts may expire and negotiations may begin on whether certain changes to a contract should be made. Contract disputes can occasionally come about, especially if a company has made changes to the way it operates and the employees feel as if other changes need to be made as well.

Gender discrimination should not occur in Florida workplaces

When Florida employees begin working at a job, it is likely that they have supervisors and coworkers with whom they must interact and work. If one of these other individuals does not work cooperatively with an employee, the employee could have a more difficult time performing his or her work duties. In some cases, difficulties could arise because a person is uncomfortable with another person's gender, and as a result, a situation of gender discrimination could arise.

Misclassified employees in Florida receive back pay

In business, employees are not always employees. In some cases, workers may be classified as independent contractors and do not always fall under the same rules as employees. However, it is important that workers are properly classified, or wage and hour violations could potentially occur. In such a case, misclassified employees may need to be compensated for hours they have worked.

Florida workers should not fear retaliation for complaints

When a situation in the workplace makes a Florida employee uncomfortable, that individual should have the ability to report the event. Supervisors and other superiors should assess the complaint and take any necessary action to remedy the state of affairs. If the employee who filed the complaint is punished in some way, such an action may be considered retaliation, and the worker may want to take note of how he or she could handle the situation.

Woman files workplace discrimination suit against city

When people in Florida are mistreated at work on the basis of gender and race, it is natural for them to feel violated, but, fortunately, they have the right to seek to hold their former employers accountable. One woman in another state is doing this by filing a million-dollar workplace discrimination suit against a city's mayor and the city itself. The African-American woman claimed that she was terminated because of her gender and race.

Consideration of legal action may stem from sexual harassment

When a Florida resident begins working at a job, that individual may feel excited about the opportunities that a new job can bring. However, that excitement can quickly be quelled if he or she faces sexual harassment on the job. The situation can become even more disheartening when complaints go seemingly unheard and the inappropriate behavior is allowed to continue.

Homeless program in Florida may violate wage and hour law

It is not uncommon to see a person, presumably homeless, holding a sign on the roadside advertising their willingness to work for food. Many understand the struggles facing homeless people in this country. However, some feel that one man running a homeless program in Florida may be violating the wage and hour law.

City clerk in Florida files claim for workplace discrimination

When an individual feels that he or she has been discriminated against on the job, the person should have the ability to report such a situation without retaliation. If retaliation does occur, the situation could be considered to be indicative of further workplace discrimination. As a result, an employee may wish to consider taking legal action in attempts to right the situation.

Florida Walmart employees go on strike for employee rights

Though many consumers may anticipate the sales that come along with Black Friday, many workers often dread the day. In many cases, workers must work long hours and contend with dense crowds of people who are attempting to get what they believe is a good deal. As a result, some employees feel that their compensation is not adequate enough and that their employee rights are being overlooked.

Florida bus drivers seek change in employment contracts

When a person is considering accepting an employment position, the terms of a contract may play a role in that decision. However, employment contracts may only be valid for a certain period of time, and after an agreement expires, negotiations for a new contract may take place. If employers and employees cannot agree on a new set of terms, a contract dispute may take place.

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