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Unpaid overtime could negatively affect Florida workers

Working 40 hours a week can be very taxing on Florida employees. As a result, they should be entitled to overtime pay if their position is not exempt from those wages. Working additional hours typically leads to individuals being paid more than their usual hourly wage as compensation. However, sometimes parties may be the victims of unpaid overtime, and legal action may be necessary in order to obtain that compensation.

A legal situation regarding overtime pay in another state recently came to a close. It was reported that 18 workers in a restaurant were not properly compensated for working over 40 hours a week. An investigation into the incident was opened, and it was found that the restaurant owners were only paying workers regular hourly wages rather than the time and a half required for overtime.

It was reported that the owners were apparently concerned that they would not be able to afford the additional pay for workers as well as their rent for the restaurant space after the minimum wage in the area was increased. As a result of the legal situation, the owners are now required to pay over $90,000 to the affected workers. It was noted that half of that amount will be for unpaid overtime and the other half will be for additional damages.

Having to work over the allotted hours for a full-time position can have a considerable impact on employees. If they are the victims of unpaid overtime, that impact can be a negative one. Florida workers who believe that they were not properly paid for additional hours worked may want to examine their situation to determine whether taking legal action may be a reasonable step.

Source:, "MV restaurant fined over unpaid overtime wages", Oct. 17, 2014

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