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Florida workers report unpaid wages to authorities

When a person is employed to perform certain duties, it is expected that the employee will be paid for the services. Unpaid wages can cause significant problems for individuals who are working to earn those wages. While the lack of payment could lead to personal issues, the employee may also feel that the situation needs more attention. Under such conditions, a worker may want to consider legal action.

It was recently reported that several undocumented workers in Florida had been reporting wage theft. The individuals stated that they had been performing work in various types of jobs, but not receiving their proper wages was a common issue. Though hiring undocumented workers in the first place could cause problems for employers, those workers are still entitled to their earned wages and additional issues could arise for employers due to nonpayment.

An outreach officer who is working with the employees hopes to be able to resolve many of the cases by contacting the employers directly. Some situations have already seen favorable results as far as getting workers the wages they are owed. Unfortunately, not all cases may be resolved so easily and additional action may be needed.

If other workers in Florida have been the victims of unpaid wages, they should not feel as if they need to keep the problem quiet. Some parties may want to trust that their employer will eventually give them the wages they deserve, but they should not have to wait an unacceptable period of time to be paid for the services they perform. If workers believe that they have not been properly compensated, information on how to work toward ensuring those wages are paid may be helpful.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, "Undocumented workers reporting more wage theft cases to Clearwater police", Laura C. Morel, Sept. 25, 2014

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