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Florida victims of wrongful termination should have options

When a Florida resident is let go from a job, he or she may hope that the termination came about for a just cause. However, there are numerous cases in which workers feel that they were fired from their positions without adequate reasoning. In such a situation, a former employee may feel that taking legal action against an employer for wrongful termination could be the right step for the situation.

An individual in another state has recently taken up a case against his former employer after what he felt was an unjust termination. It was reported that the man had been a shelf stocker at a grocery store and received an injury to his finger while on the job. The man requested a change of duties in order to lessen the likelihood of further injuring the finger.

Instead of being accommodated for his injury, the man claims that he was terminated from his position at the grocery store. The former worker believes that this action was a violation of discrimination laws, the Fair Labor Standards Act as well as other labor laws. At this time, the man is seeking compensation for medical bills, lost wages, wrongful termination and other damages.

As this case shows, workers should have legal options if they feel that they were the victims of wrongful termination. Being fired from a position without a just cause can have detrimental effects on a person's livelihood. As a result, Florida residents who believe that may have been wrongfully terminated from their job may want to consider filing a claim in order to seek compensation.

Source:, "Rouse's employee files suit against former employer for wrongful termination", Andrew Stevens, Aug. 29, 2014

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