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Technology advances could lead to age discrimination in Florida

When Florida residents are searching for a job, the list of qualifications on some hiring ads can seem intimidating. However, many individuals of all ages possess the necessary experience and knowledge to be a valuable employee. Unfortunately, some employers may feel that older individuals may not be suited for certain positions, which could potentially be seen as discrimination.

It is no secret that technology is advancing at a very rapid pace. Because operating this new technology can require somewhat extensive knowledge, many employers in the technology industry may believe that older employees will not have the necessary capabilities to handle the technology. As a result, many companies may have a stipulation that they are looking for recent college graduates.

This stipulation, however, could potentially be discriminatory toward qualified older workers. Even if potential employers do not specifically mention an age range, vague language could be considered discriminatory and therefore illegal. Though some employers may believe that there are many different benefits of hiring someone younger, they could find themselves in trouble if all applicants are not given a fair opportunity.

No worker should be disqualified from applying for a position due to age. Unfortunately, many Florida workers may have experienced some sort of discrimination while looking for a position or even after they have been hired. If an individual has been the victim of such actions, he or she may wish to determine whether taking legal action could be right for the circumstances. Successful cases could lead to more fair opportunities or reparations for damages incurred.

Source: Fortune, "Tech industry job ads may illegally discriminate against older workers", Verne Kopytoff, June 19, 2014

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