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Labor law violations: Florida college failed to pay overtime

There are many protections that employees may wish to take advantage of to make sure they are being treated properly. If an employer violates labor law, it can have extremely negative effects on the workers. As a result, some parties may feel the need to create a union that will potentially help them receive the proper treatment as dictated under employment law.

A Florida college is currently working toward creating their first union after it was discovered that several employees were not being properly compensated. An investigation uncovered that the financial aid office at the institution was not paying employees for overtime hours worked. It was reported that 13 violations were found that spanned over a two-year period.

Due to the results of the investigation, the employees hope that organizing under a union will allow them to have a louder voice in the goings-on at the college. A letter was sent to the president of the college that detailed the intentions of creating a union group. It was noted that the letter was intended to be a move toward creating a more “collaborative relationship” with the staff and supervisors at the college.

As this situation shows, employees may need to take significant steps to ensure that labor law is being followed. Not receiving the proper compensation for hours worked can be a negative hit to an employee, and ensuring that such violations do not take place in the future could lead to a better employment situation. Resources in Florida may be able to provide concerned individuals with more knowledge on the topic and actions available to them, if they wish to seek it.

Source:, "Workers organizing SF College's first union", Erin Jester, May 7, 2014

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