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Case involving employment agreements could be pursued in Florida

As many Florida employees know, there can be many expectations when being hired for a certain position. As a result, employment agreements may be entered into that spell out what is expected of an employee and employer. If these agreements are violated in some way or did not disclose the proper information, a legal matter could arise that needs to be dealt with in the correct manner.

School administrators in another state are facing such a situation after they were terminated from their positions. According to reports, these officials were hired, though they apparently did not have the proper qualifications. This type of situation reportedly will cause it to be difficult for these individuals to find replace positions due to the nature of the circumstances.

The terminated employees are planning to seek a case against the school board for which they worked. The case could move forward with the idea that the school board members knowingly entered into employment agreements with unqualified individuals who will now suffer professionally after their termination. It was reported that the individuals plan to relocate, and that their cases may be pursued in their new states, one of which is Florida.

Employment agreements are very serious matters, and as this case shows, if they are agreed upon without the proper information, negative impacts can take place. These individuals who had their professional reputations damaged felt the need to pursue legal action against their former employers. Individuals in similar situations may also feel that such action could be necessary, and an assessment of their circumstances could prove beneficial in determining how to proceed.

Source:, "Fired Buffalo school officials file claims for $6 million", Al Vaughters, May 5, 2014

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