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Tipped employees in Florida may keep an eye on wage-and-hour law

Changes in minimum wage standards have been a point of serious debate as of late in Florida and across the country. There are many facets of wage-and-hour law that are being considered for different areas. A raise in the total amount of minimum wage currently being paid is supported by many different authorities figures, and those in industries where tipping is the norm could potentially see a change in their wages as well.

Many individuals are aware that tipped employees are not held to the same minimum wage standards as other non-tipped employees. The hourly wage is several dollars lower, and it is expected that tips will help bring that wage up to minimum wage. However, the amount of tips earned is not a sure thing, and as a result, several employees could take home less than minimum wage as a result.

It is believed by some that raising the minimum wage would help those individuals who often make less money at their jobs. However, others believe that by raising the minimum wage, certain hourly workers will be hurt because employers may cut back on the number of employees. At this time, it is uncertain whether an increase in the federal minimum wage will take place.

Wage-and-hour law is a great concern for many individuals as their hourly wage is often what they use to take care of themselves and their families. An increase in the minimum wage could have a considerable impact on many people. Therefore, concerned parties may wish to stay updated on Florida state and federal laws concerning wages to see how they could potentially be affected.

Source: Capitol Hill Blue, "White House wants pay hikes for workers who get tips", , March 26, 2014

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