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Florida State grad assistants seek employment contract changes

When it comes to employment, contracts can play a significant role in how a person's professional career will play out. An employment contract often lays out what is expected from both parties, including duties and pay rates for the employee. If employees begin to feel that such a contract is no longer beneficial, they may wish to look into legal routes for making modifications to that contract.

Graduate assistants at Florida State University are currently looking into having changes made to their contracts. They believe that the agreements are unfair as they spend time teaching classes and conducting research for their degrees yet must continue to pay fees to the university. These fees reportedly take a sizable amount of their income before they are able to purchase necessary materials for their classes.

It was also noted that the contracts of the assistants at FSU are not as satisfactory as those at other universities in the state. While many of the fees that are of concern also apply to students who are not employed by the university, health insurance premiums for the graduate assistants is another factor that they wish to address. The negotiations for a new contract are set to begin in May.

Working under an unfavorable employment contract can be disheartening. As a result, some changes may need to be made. As this case indicates, employees may need to voice their opinions in order to negotiate more agreeable terms. If parties are concerned about their contracts, they may wish to explore relevant Florida employment laws that could shed light on their situation.

Source:, "FSU graduate assistants rally for better contract", Doug Blackburn, April 15, 2014

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